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To Be Perfectly Honest

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To Be Perfectly Honest

"You still don't believe me," Anchormatt says as he walks Jack to her apartment. She says she does and can they just drop it. Anchormatt says he's working on a story about high school gangs. He says that if there'd been something really suspicious about him getting in the taxi with a strange woman, Jill would've told Jack about it, and she trusts Jill, doesn't she? Jack says pensively that indeedy, she does. She tells Anchormatt with much emphasis that she DOES believe him. They go in for the Kiss of Forgiveness, which on their planet apparently involves extending the neck, not actually moving bodies closer to each other.

Christ, more audible smacking.

Okay. "You're insane," Matt says. "I mean, you know that, right?" Okay, I am in no way defending Jack, but at that insinuation, pimp-slapping is not only allowable, but required. Jack says, "It's supposed to be endearing." They walk off arm in arm.

Jill and Allison on the street. She says, "I haven't had lunch away from the office in ages. Thanks for making me meet you," says Allison. "So the dinner party was fun, wasn't it?" Jill sarcastically inquires whose dinner party SHE was at. Allison is confused, and says that although it started out rocky, overall she thought it went well. Jack says, "I just think you go a little overboard once in a while. And because you're going overboard, you don't even realize how overboard you're going..." (and nor do you, Jill, realize how INCREDIBLY ANNOYING YOUR CONSTANT USE OF THE WORD "OVERBOARD" IS, and I bet there's going to be a Titanic reference.) "...and you know, that's probably why you thought the dinner party was a success when clearly it was a bigger disaster than the Titanic, the actual Titanic, not the movie. Right?" He goes for a boyish and endearing smile. Allison looks like she might throw up. "Like you said, you have the habit of saying the wrong thing," Jill says. He goes on to explain how it was indiscreet to discuss Matt and the woman in the taxi. Allison protests that she didn't know. Well, that's true, Allison -- anyone else from the planet Zoongo would've also assumed it was okay to blurt out that you saw someone's boyfriend get into a taxi with another woman when you know NONE of the parties involved. Jill says that maybe taking a second to think about what she says before she says it would be a good idea. Allison says she'll do that and thanks him for lunch and then stalks away in a (pretty justifiable) huff. Jill sits alone, bewildered and be-eyebrowed.

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