Jack & Jill
Under Pressure

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Under Pressure

It's that darn greenhouse again, and that dratted roof-dwelling couple. Get a room, you all. And when you do, stay there for several months without food and water. J 'n' J hold hands and stare musingly into the camera -- I mean, sky. Jill blurts, "I love you," then pulls Mikey's toothpick from his pocket and impales himself on it. Either that, or he says, "You heard me, right?" and she simpers, "MMM-HMMM," and he says, "Good," with a self-satisfied smirk on his face. And that's that. I'm out. Except for the previews, which indicate that Jack gets liquored up and poses naked for Jill in the next episode. He sells the pictures and boy, does he have some 'splaining to do. Riotous hijinks ensue. Soundtrack available on Warner Brothers records.

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Jack & Jill




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