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Arms Dealer's Daughter

Back at ADD's place, he sits next to her as she cries. She always knew something like this would happen. "He was shot eleven times. What kind of people would do that? I didn't even get to say goodbye!"

Leader of the Pack is all, "You went to see her? Without authorization?" Yes, he did. She's flying his body into the country so she can bury it next to her mother. Leader of the Pack says she's sorry a girl lost her dad, but not sorry that a "dangerous arms dealer is dead. You shouldn't be either."

Jake types up his final report, with six years of backstory on Carano to go through. As he types on his laptop, things ADD said to him echo in his brain. "Are you always this nervous around women?" "My mom died when I was ten...my dad's an arms dealer." Jake hears her voice and types and types.

Morning. Jake has his final report for Leader of the Pack. She asks if this is everything. He says yeah, and asks permission to see ADD again. She grants him permission.

ADD's place. She welcomes Jake inside and presents him with the painting he brought, beautifully restored. He says she didn't have to do that, and she says she did. "It helped...helps. Working on this, and you, have been the only good things about the last few days." Jake blows his cover AGAIN. He says he's "not good," and not who she thinks he is. She's all, what? He wants her to know the truth. He's Jake Foley, an agent with the NSA. Since her dad was selling explosives to terrorists, Jake "used" ADD to get to her dad. She's all, "Are you joking?" "Our agents are the ones who killed him. I think you deserve better, and I couldn't live with myself if I didn't." She says, "I'm glad you can live with yourself now." He leaves. The man in the black leather jacket steps out of a corner in her apartment and asks if she's okay. ADD whips her silky brown hair off her face to reveal that it's dry of any tears, and has a smile. She says she's never been better -- "the NSA is out of the picture. Tell Soledad that they can take delivery tomorrow." Black Leather Jacket says, "You are good, Carano." She says, "It helps that men are the same everywhere. They always underestimate the woman." Ooh! She all deceived the NSA and shit.

A twin-engine plane lands on the tarmac. ADD, dressed in black, and a bunch of men in sober suits walk toward it. A wooden coffin is wheeled off. ADD looks appropriately sad, even though we all know by now that she's a big faker and is probably using a casket to smuggle in deadly weapons. Jake walks up behind her and is all, hey, I wanted to be here for you in your difficult time. She takes his hand in hers and, ever the actress, gives him a wan little smile. Then she walks towards the coffin, alone, alone. He says he knows her dad really died two years ago, in Belize. She does not say, "Oh, Be-leeze! That is such a half-truth." I also like to say, "That's un-be-weave-able." Jake says he now knows ADD was playing him from the moment she put coins in his meter, baby. We get sepia-toned flashbacks of all the smoldery glances she threw him as Jake recalls the shoes from Caracas, the PDA out in plain view. "Hey, it's a family business. You get millions running it, your father's enemies chase his ghost, and occasionally someone you hired to play your father's ghost gets shot. Eleven times, to be exact." She looks at him and smiles. "You're very good." She orders her sober-suited guys to kill Jake, and Jake asks The Man, skulking nearby in a jumpsuit and orange safety tape, for a little help. The Man and his crew out-draw the suits, who lay their weapons on the ground. But ADD has the explosive device, and tosses it at The Man and his crew, Jake nano-senses it, and tells The Man to run. There's a huge explosion, but The Man makes it and tells Jake to get ADD as he hangs back and shoots with the suits.

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