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When Bionics Met Nanites

While getting his blood taken, Agent Fox Part the Second says he didn't know agents could wear their hair Jake's length these days. Jake coughs. "Yeah. I'm a regular old beatnik." Then why don't I hear bongos? Agent Fox Part the Second says that the "impostor must have done quite a number on you." Shut up, Agent Fox Part the Second. Leader comes back with the file; Agent Fox Part the Second's story checks out. There was that Soviet agent-copying project. So, if Agent Fox Part the Second's fingerprints check out, he's to be debriefed, but not trusted. And they still have to find $6 Million!

Dr. Thora and Jake stalk the halls. The Crimean Project is medically feasible, she says. Jake tells her to run DNA tests on the cigar $6Mil left in her lab. Then, Agent Fox Part the Second asks to look at the security tapes from the A.C. road trip.

Agent Fox Part the Second is way scornful as he looks at $6Mil in action. "You thought that was me? Look at the way he carries himself! Didn't you look at any of the pictures in my file?" Jake gives him the most withering of looks. Then it dawns on them that the cocktail waitress is a Russian spy's daughter, and one who has the knowledge to put together a dirty bomb. And she's been hand-delivered to Subjectovitch. Yeeks. The War Room flies into activity -- Leader has intercepted a tape meant for Russian TV broadcast. It's Subjectovitch, in tight close-up, saying that she has "cut out the heart of the enemy," and that they will stand "proud" and "defiant to the end." Leader finishes with the information that they're planning to detonate a dirty bomb in D.C., at midnight, tonight. Get busy! Jake asks that they rewind the tape and show it with no audio. There's a plane in the shot -- which means they filmed that within sight of Reagan, Dulles, or BWI. Get on it! Jake wants to find Dick. Leader says she wants every agent trailing the dirty bomb. Jake, frustrated, asks Agent Fox Part the Second what he wants to do. "I think we've got our orders, son."

The NSA's got a great big convoy, and ain't she a beautiful sight. Jake drives, The Man rides shotgun, and Agent Fox Part the Second is on the suicide seat. Then Dr. Thora calls Jake with the DNA results from Dick's cigar, and Jake breaks formation and speeds in the opposite direction of the convoy. Leader squawks to The Man to get Jake under control, but Jake says The Man will either have to trust him or shoot him. Agent Fox Part the Second fumbles for his gun, but The Man waves his hand, and it never comes out of the holster. And may I say, DUH, the double could be Richard. But I think they're bionic.

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