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Big Brother Is Squashing Your Game

Credits. Jake's life just got reeeal interesting.

Jake and Jerry make their way through a crowded bar. Some awesome rock music starts up. The riff sounds like "Can't Explain," but the vocals sound like the Ravonettes. The brothers snag a table, and Jerry hollers to the waitress, "Can we get some servicio, por pa-please?" Jake cringes. So, why isn't Jerry in school? And do the p-rents know he's here? Well, school got taxing -- classes every Tuesday and Thursday -- and the 'rents are on a need-to-know basis. Oh, and how did Jake get that cut on his arm? Uh, work-related accident. "Motherboard cut?" Heh, not. The waitress comes over for some "servicio," and totally shoots down Jerry's request for "a pitcher of draft." Jake orders two Red Bulls instead. Jerry suggests they "shotgun" the Red Bulls and head out to Tittytown for a glimpse of the promised land, a.k.a. real live women. Jake can't -- work tomorrow. Jerry can't wait. And oh, Jake won't even know he's there.

Cut to Jake trying to sleep, and being woken up by Jerry's kitchen mishaps. Does Jake know where the fire extinguisher is? Pronto? Jake leaps out of bed, does a winning pratfall, and runs into the kitchen frantically.

Morning in the NSA. Jake pedals really really fast on a stationary bike as Dr. Thora clocks his vitals. Yup, he's still sexy. Okay, he's done. Has he had any headaches since she, um, "rebooted the nanites?" Jake pauses, still panting from the biking, and says languorously, "Since you saved my life?" Um, yeah, that. No, he's been fine. "Any recent glitches, complications, abnormalities?" Besides Jake's little brother coming to town? Nah. Just the little bother of the little brother. Jake says Jerry is "a lot immature," and when he was Jerry's age, he worked two part-time jobs and took sixteen credits at Georgetown. Dr. Thora whistles appreciatively and asks if he "had to walk six miles in the snow, too." Yeah, uphill, too! Both ways! ["And he fought off bears with his loose-leaf notebook!" -- Sars] Jake laments his little brother's general lack of focus. He's a screw-up! Yeah, but who isn't at 19? Jake rushes off, and Dr. Thora says after him, "Stop in anytime."

Leader of the Pack addresses the War Room crew. Fulton's militia is dangerous -- check -- and the capture of Fulton's son Kid Suspect is going to piss him off majorly. Check. A very sexy CK/Gap-esque mug shot of Kid Suspect fills the screen of the War Room. Every bomber in a dark-rinse denim jacket and black hoodie! Or, try Bomber, by Calvin Klein. Available at Macy's in a plain brown wrapper. Jake is all, can I talk to the kid bomber? Because he's all young and therefore I can better relate to him than you, you old dinosaur, ma'am? Leader walks away, and Jake babbles to The Man, "Not that you're old, or anything. You look...great." The Man is all, "Quit while you're ahead," but Leader chimes in, "See what you can do." Jake hurries off, pleased.

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