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Two chicks, a geek, and a facialist named Alex

Wow, tents with chandeliers! And those teeny white Christmas lights! Classy. The reception is in full swing. Jake and Dr. Thora walk in together and then part ways. Dr. Thora calls Leader and says he's "fine. I overreacted as usual." See ya Monday! Jake takes center stage on the dance floor and clinks a champagne flute with a fork so firmly that the glass shatters. Everyone takes another laugh at good old geeky Jake, ha ha, so inept. Will he ever get laid? He launches into his toast: "Life is, ah, hard. You know?" Everyone chuckles, and a waiter brings him a fresh glass to toast with. Jake goes on about how hearts were won, and "we're lucky if we can find someone who's willing to stand by us, no matter what. It makes life easier." He means Dr. Thora. I'm kvelling! People aww appropriately. Sweet.

Sarah congratulates Jake on his toast. He asks where Alex is. She says he thinks he found someone more his type. A man. "Alex is gay," she says. "I just hate coming to these things alone. The closest Alex gets to me is a facial." Ha ha ha! So, Sarah is dateless. She says, not so subtly, "I think we're supposed to dance now." He says, "Yeah, Sarah, I think I need to dance with my date." And he WALKS AWAY. And DANCES WITH DR. THORA. And says, "I forgot to tell you something. You look beautiful." OH MY GOD!! I love that this is happening. I love this show. We fly back up through the clouds and back to the satellite orbiting above the earth.

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