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Two chicks, a geek, and a facialist named Alex

At the lab, Dr. Thora asks her cute tech to come to her immediately if there are any questions about Antonio the mouse or Jake, the hot super-spy. Mmmkay? Cool.

Jake tales another look around at the wedding guests and says to himself, "Yup! Having fun!" Then he sees some guy lurking by the food table, and the music turns faintly ominous. Oh, leave your work at home, Jake. This is a party! Jen, the bride, comes up and says hi to Jake. Jake says she looks "way too beautiful" for Groom, and she says, "Geeks turn me on." Me too. I'm hot for nerds. I have a nerd-shaped punch I use to make holes in my belt. The happy couple asks about Jake's toast, and he taps his chest and says that "it's all in here." Let it out, baby. Jake asks who that guy is lurking by the food table, and Groom says it's probably his cousin Phil. "He's a really weird guy. He's single!" Jake is all, "Jerk."

Jake takes his seat at the table, and the name card reveals that he'll be sitting next to a "Sam." Jake moans, "Ah, great," but Sam is actually a hot chick! They meet cute and chat, and then Sam's girlfriend approaches. Yes, Jake is the meat in the two-hot-lesbians sandwich.

Jake goes up to his room, then overhears Sarah and Alex having a laugh in the hall. He rolls his eyes, then goes into his room and uses his super-hearing to eavesdrop some more. He hears Sarah giggling and saying, "Alex! Oh, that tickles! Oh, ah, that's perfect." Jake beats himself up. Well, you snooze, you lose, honey. Did you ever mail that letter we saw you writing? Is it really that hard to tell someone how you feel? Go knock on her door and tell her right now! This is your Dating Tip of the Day from me, a Fierce Woman. It's a two-parter: A) don't wait too long, and B) say what you feel. As Jake slumps on his hotel bed, the phone rings. It's Dr. Thora. She saw some nanite activity on her PDA. He whines like a little kid who sees his mom at the mall when he's hanging out with all his frieeends. Then he tells her he's "frustrated" because all his friends are moving on with their lives and getting married and he's "going nowhere." Dr. Thora knows his symptoms, and has a diagnosis. "Single syndrome." He asks if it's "fatal." No, just "mildly depressing. Just try and get some sleep, okay?" Jake thanks her. She says no problem, but when she puts down the phone we see Antonio in a plastic bag, complete with biohazard stickers. Oh, Antonio! He's dead! What does this mean for Jake?

It means that when he wakes up in the morning in Seattle, Dr. Thora is there, knocking at his hotel door. Uh, hi! Jake is surprised to see her. She says she's volunteering to be his date --well, "as a friend posing as a date." She "had all these frequent flier miles, and always wanted to see Seattle. You're buying breakfast!"

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