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The Good, The Bad, And The Geeky

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The Good, The Bad, And The Geeky

Ve haff das Berlin clubbing dance montage. Das Geeks dance. MacP dances. The Babe dances. Jake dances with a blonde, then busts a funky move and drops his cell phone/camera. A Das Geek grabs it and notices the real-time data stream function. All the geeks gather round to check it out, and Jake panics. Then the geeks holler, "COOL!" and dance some more. Whew.

Back in the War Room, Dr. Thora, The Man, and Leader of the Pack watch the clubbing with a little distaste. As an answer to Leader's weary sigh of "What is he doing?" Dr.Thora guesses, "The slide? It's a popular dance, more of a grind really, in that district...not helping, I know." Wow, Dr. Thora knows the hot club dances in Berlin? Dr. Thora is the bomb. They examine the images sent via Jake's camera/phone and notice that Jake is in all of the photos. Why? They don't know. Oh, and how fast can German Intelligence raid the joint to bust the geeks for robbing the Federal Reserve? The Man thinks thirty minutes would be enough time. Leader of the Pack isn't so sure. She looks at the images of Jake downing shots and having way too good a time and says, "Alert the Germans. We're going in."

More drinks, more Berlin clubbing. Jake dances with a tall blonde, then notices The Babe hanging by herself over in a corner. He smiles. She walks up and whispers something to the blonde, who turns and leaves without a second look at Jake. The Babe and Jake dance, staring at each other until she hollers, "What?" Jake yells, "You're beautiful!" She stares at him like he said she had a booger showing. MacP weasels up and hollers, "This is it, he's here!" A beefy guy has arrived and sits at the bar by himself. MacP gives Jake thirty thousand Euros to deliver to the beefy guy. "And don't try to jack us!" Beefy Guy is all, "What?" Jake asks if he has something for him. Yeah, he does. "It took off from Heathrow six minutes ago." Oh no. I have a bad feeling about this.

Jake relays Beefy's message to MacP. The Geek Legion of Doom is elated by the news. "It's on? Oh boy! Woo hoo!" Jake excuses himself to the bathroom.

He calls The Man and explains that something big is in motion. German Intelligence can bust in, but the wheels, they are already turning. Then Babe busts in, and Jake drops his phone in the toilet. She says bluntly, "Who are you?" Jake is all, flagam? She say expositionally that they've been "doing it online for six months." She doesn't need Jake to tell her she's beautiful. "Save your compliments for someone who needs it." Jake follows her and says lamely, "We're not online anymore." She pushes him against the wall and says huskily, "You're breaking all the rules. No real names, no eye contact." He says, "We're breaking the rules." They kiss, and it's hot. Oh, to make out in a Berlin nightclub bathroom. In my fantasy, MacP wouldn't bust in and tell Jake and me to get a move on, since they have work to do.

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