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The Good, The Bad, And The Geeky

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The Good, The Bad, And The Geeky

War Room. A security guard comes in and asks The Man to come down to Hacker's cell.

Hacker says he has something to say about the geek Legion of Doom's plans -- but only for The Man's ears. The Man enters the cell, then easily fights off Hacker when he attacks him. He strides out again, only to discover that Hacker has lifted his cell phone and already made a call. The Man goes into the Lucite cage again and bashes Hacker but good in the face. He says to the guards, "He slipped." But Hacker has already sent a message.

In the bunker, the Geek Legion of Doom tap away on their TOEFL machines. Jake stalls for time and uses his nanites to send a message to his people back in the War Room -- "BANATECH PRIVATE CHARTER, NX74205 IN DANGER." That's a Star Trek reference, isn't it? Heh. Leader of the Pack is all, "Find that plane and land them, NOW."

Jake is still stalling in the bunker. MacP is all, "Down that plane!" Jake says, "No." Why? Hold on, there's a message coming in to the TOEFL machines -- Hacker's magic. It reads, "DUMONT OUTHACKED BY NSA IMPOSTOR -- JAKE FOLEY." Everyone looks at Jake. MacP hits him in the head with a gun and knocks him out.

Cockpit. A German voice crackles over the radio that they are requesting an emergency landing. The pilot says he needs a reason to initiate an emergency landing. As soon as he's finished his sentence, he loses control of the plane. The moral is, always listen to Germans. Back in the War Room, The Man says the plane is going to crash in ten minutes.

Jake has some 'splaining to do to the Geek Legion of Doom. He maintains that Hacker was bent on revenge ("You know how he can get you to believe anything he says" -- Babe looks down at that), and not on making them rich. "You're isolated, and his lackey has a gun. Do you really think he wanted you all to get out of this alive?" There's a tense moment, and MacP smiles and licks his weaselly lips. MacP is all, you want to wait? I feel differently. He shoots one of Das Geeks. Everyone screams. MacP levels the gun at Jake and says, "You may be a hacker, but you'll never be a player." Jake does his mee mee mee mee mee! thing, and MacP says, "You better pray."

The plane is about to crash. Mayday, Mayday! They're headed right into the night skyline of Berlin. Then a message flashes on the War Room screen -- send override code to IPO Leader of the Pack gets on the horn to the Germans and tells them vat to do.

Berlin bunker. Jake stares at the screen behind MacP -- finally it reads, "TO ENACT OVERRIDE CODE, PRESS ENTER." MacP screams like a little kid, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY COMPUTER!" He points the gun at Jake, and Babe runs over and presses enter. MacP hits her, then goes flying with the force of Jake's nanite-fueled blow.

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