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The Good, The Bad, And The Geeky

After a few tense moments, the plane regains control and does not, I repeat, does not crash into the Berlin skyline. I have a horrible feeling as I type this, because as I think I've mentioned before, I had to recap The Lone Gunmen. The pilot of which featured anti-government terrorists flying a plane into the World Trade Towers. I totally dismissed the idea at the time. Then, you know what happened. The pilot episode never aired internationally, but I got mail from people all over the world asking if it was true, if the same scenario was depicted in this government conspiracy show. Yes, it was true. And yes, it was on the show and it happened in real life. And it makes me sick and sad to think about it -- everything, I mean. Anyway, hooray, fictitious software CEOs are saved.

Jake asks the German Intelligence officers to wait as he says goodbye to Babe, hottest hacker on the 'net. He says, "Sorry for the way things turned out." She says he has nothing to be sorry for. And her real name is Rachel. Off she goes in handcuffs, and not the recreational kind.

Back at home in D.C., Dr. Thora and Jake walk the halls. She's tickled to be hanging out with the "world's first ride-sharing super-spy." Jake gets a message on his phone -- "THE LAST THING YOU WILL SEE IS THE DEATH OWL." He goes right to the Lucite cage for a look. Hacker is there, in his white jumpsuit. "How was Berlin, Jake. Did you miss me?" Ooh, Jake has a nemesis! How great. Something to look forward to.

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