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Schoolhouse schlock. Since we last saw them, all that Emily and Allison have been doing is rearranging the chairs in the conference room and not talking, because only now does Emily ask Allison to explain what she meant about not being able to go home. Allison explains that her family is pretty weird. "My family was pretty weird, too," Emily says. Maybe they could bond over their killer fathers and how they have now both killed someone. Emily adds that when she was Allison's age, she didn't want to hang out with her own family, either. "And what about now?" Allison asks. "They're gone," Emily says simply. Notice how nearly everyone Emily comes into close contact with ends up finding extreme ways of getting far away from her? Her brother got himself killed; her father killed people and got himself nearly killed and then exiled; and her fiancé tried to move to Chicago, then tried to die in a plane crash, and when that didn't work, tried to die trekking across a post-apocalyptic countryside, started a cult, tried to kill his town's mayor, and got exiled. Even Jake left the town Emily lived in. Of course, Jake's made of sterner stuff than anyone else, and that's why he came back home to carry her books. Allison tells Emily that there was "this thing" that went down at her house and she "did something." "Okay, what did you do?" Emily asks gently, being all teacher-ish. "I did something," Allison repeats with quiet determination, "that can't be forgiven. Now my mom keeps looking at me. Like I've changed into some kind of monster or something." "You know you haven't, right?" Emily tells her. Of course not, because this isn't Lost and Allison's not a psycho cumulus cloud. Nonetheless, Allison looks puzzled.

Hawkins's Magical Basement. Jake needs a moment to regroup and mull things over. He asks: "So, even though you weren't sure about the plan, you outed the informant to the cell leader?" Hawkins nods wearily and says it was the only way for him to burrow deeper into the cell. He told the cell leader about Daryl, but he wanted to get Daryl safely out of the way before the cell leader acted on the information.

Flashback! Hawkins peers out of Daryl's divey apartment window as Daryl fusses and paces that the terrorists are going to hunt him down and kill him. "This is your lucky day, Daryl," Hawkins reassures him. "They're going to get you into witness protection, so don't worry." The first time I learned about witness protection was in a Sweet Valley High novel when one of the Wakefield twins' friends' father was some doctor that the mob wanted. I think he was pretending to be something that wasn't a doctor, but he outed himself when he publicly saved someone's life by performing -- you guessed it -- an emergency tracheotomy. Ironically, it was also the first time I learned about emergency tracheotomies. The ties between Jericho and two perfect size six twins with sparkling almond-shaped aquamarine eyes and spun sugar blonde hair tighten. If Emily starts wearing a lavaliere, I'm going to start looking for Francine Pascal in the credits. Because Hawkins and Daryl waste so much time pacing, fussing, and reassuring, there's a deadly knock at Daryl's door. Hawkins tells Daryl to stay put and tiptoes over to the door. Another knock, accompanied by someone calling warningly, "Daryl..." Hawkins peers out through the peephole. It's the cell leader from "The Day Before" with two other guys. "Dammit," Hawkins mutters. Dude! You're AT the door; don't you think he can hear you?

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