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Yellow Plastic Packages Tied Up With BOOM

The mysterious suit is Victor, who asks blandly, "I'm not interrupting, am I?" "You know you are," Hawkins growls back. Victor says that Hawkins wasn't returning their calls. "I told my wife I was done. I promised her, Victor," Hawkins reminds him. Victor says they need him back, because he's the best at what he does. "Which is what?" Hawkins demands. Victor cocks his head at him like, "Don't make me say it." Victor says Hawkins's family will still be there when he gets back, and all he's asking is that Hawkins come to a meeting the next day. "If you want to walk away after that, walk away," Victor says. Victor hands him a card and says, "Two o'clock, tomorrow. Tell the desk jockey you have an appointment with Mr. Higgins. If they ask about the weather, tell them it's going to rain." Yep. It's a hard, it's a hard, it's hard, it's a HARD, it's a hard raiiiiiiiiin that's gonna fall. See, it's not just Battlestar Galactica that can bring out the Dylan. Darcy walks over to Hawkins and asks what that was all about. Hawkins kisses her and says he might have to go to a meeting tomorrow. Darcy shakes him off, saying she can't keep doing this, and she walks back across the street. "Hey, we'll be fine, D--" Hawkins tries to call. I know that it took four years of Hawkins to work his way into the cell, and so that probably killed their marriage right proper, but why did Darcy get a restraining order against him? Back in the woodshed, Hawkins has not been telling Jake all this -- he's just been remembering it himself. Hawkins's shovel hits something solid. Jake gets up and asks, "What is that?" "It's the end of the rabbit hole, Jake," Hawkins says. He gets Jake to help him with the lid, and we are inside the package as Jake and Hawkins peer down. Jake's face completely freezes. Hawkins notes this and smiles, "So you believe me now." The camera pans over to show the cone of a warhead inside the barrel. Well, bang goes my theory that the barrel was filled with fish or candles.

After the commercials, Jake asks, "Is that what I think it is?" Hawkins says it was meant for Columbus. "You brought a nuclear bomb. Here," Jake states slowly. "What would you have done with it?" Hawkins asks. Jake snaps back to reality and asks, "What are you going to do with it?" I think he should play some U2 and learn how to dismantle it. Hawkins shakes his head helplessly and says he's going to keep it safe and he's going to keep it secret. "It gives the town some power, Jake, but it also makes them a target," Hawkins explains. Jake is slowly backing away from the bomb. Hawkins jumps up from the hole and pleads, "Look, I know what you're thinking -- you're wishing you walked away when I gave you the chance, right?" "Why didn't you just show me this when I walked in the door today?" Jake demands, totally freaked out. "You didn't just walk in," Hawkins reminds him. Jimmy calls for Jake. Hawkins tells Jake he's been watching him, and he knows that he can handle himself. "And I've seen what a help you've been to this town," Hawkins goes on, trying vainly to get that bug-eyed look off Jake's face, "But I needed to know that I can trust you, that you can handle it if I told you everything." Jimmy calls again. Jake is frozen, his mind racing. Hawkins tells Jake that the bomb is now their shared burden, "Whatever happens next, that is going to be up to you. Okay?" Why hasn't Hawkins told Jake that Sarah went rogue and that there are still people out there who want the bomb? Jake is still completely bombsmacked. Hawkins opens the shed door and walks out to meet Jimmy. Shell-shocked with eyes as wide as saucers, Jake also comes out and says to Jimmy, "He's FBI. Just like he said." "But--" Jimmy says, taking a step forward. Jake flicks up a hand to hold him off. "We're in good hands," says Jake. Jimmy admits, "That's good to hear." And then he apologizes to Hawkins for "all of this."

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