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Mimi enters the house with the hatchet, a bloody shirt, and a headless chicken. Bonnie looks up from folding towels in the kitchen. Mimi walks past her and drops the chicken in the sink. Bonnie looks over at the bloody chicken and says, "We do that, um, outside." "Okay," Mimi says, looking harassed, "I didn't know that." Bonnie makes a move to leave, but Mimi stops her and says there's something she wants to say to Bonnie. "But I'm still learning, so please bear with me. [Mimi starts to hesitantly sign.] Stanley is important to me. You are important to me. I want you to be safe, so please be patient with me. I'm trying." Mimi's all choked up, and so is Bonnie as she signs back, "I'll try to." "So," Mimi gestures, "Hug?" Bonnie tips her head to one side and looks at Mimi's bloody shirt. Mimi laughs, "Right." Aw. I think Alicia Coppola is the bomb (if you'll pardon the expression) in nearly every scene she acts the hell out of, but I'm beginning to love the scenes between Mimi and Bonnie more than any other. If Mimi and Jake got together, I'd be the happiest apocalyptic recapper on the planet.

Mayor McBroody arrives at his tree house to find Mom there ahead of him with a lunchbox and a thermos. She brought him some dinner. He thanks her and leans warily against the tree house. Mom smiles lightly and leaves. Snap out of it, Dad!

Hawkins collapses on his bed and, once again, his mind wanders back to all the stuff he told Jake. Suddenly, he remembers something and goes down to his office. He pulls the photo of the bald man taken in Nebraska last week off the board. Flipping up his computer, he goes into some files on the Department of Homeland Security site and opens the Valente folder. It's the same bald man from the flashbacks. Okay, I think we get that much. He's in the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office. Fine, fine. Glaring, Hawkins calls up the satellite images from Nebraska and zooms in. Yes, it's the same as the photo in his hand. He flashes back to Valente's cane in the part I told you would be important later. Cane, Valente, Valente, cane. Hawkins rubs his head, replaces the photo on the board, and writes "Valente D.H.S." on a three-by-five index card next to the satellite photo.

Next week: Jake and Hawkins join forces (YAY!) to find out what the hell is going on in New Bern. It looks like they've been making weapons. Yeah, just wait until they find out what kind of weapon Jericho has. Awesomeness. Plus, they still have that tank they can't power.

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