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Unannounced, uninvited, and unsanctioned by the laws that Frodale knows don't exist in Jericho any more, Jimmy gets himself and Jake into Hawkins's house. Hee -- did Jimmy jimmy the lock? Because I don't think Hawkins detects any evidence of a forced entry later. Still standing outside, Jake spreads his arms wide and says, "I never went to law school, but I'm going to go ahead and guess: this is breaking and entering?" "It's called probable cause," Jimmy responds. "It's called paranoid abuse of authority," Jake counters. Hey, I thought you said you didn't go to law school! Is that just another one of Jake's lies? Shut up! I'll bet he's a secret lawyer who goes around secretly arguing to everyone that his secret opinion is the only opinion to have. (Hi, Dad!) Jake pleads with Jimmy to leave before Hawkins comes back and finds him prying up the floorboards. Jimmy impatiently explains that Hawkins has an FBI badge, and it could be one of the fake ones. Jimmy goes on that he questioned Hawkins's family on the matter. They all said that Hawkins was FBI. "But," Jimmy Columbos, "When they said it, they all had this look on their face like there was something that they weren't saying." Jake flares his eyes at Jimmy and notes, "Sort of like the look I have on my face right now." Heh. Jimmy confuses me when he says, "Look, I had a hunch and I was right." What exactly was the hunch that he already knows he was right about? Has he broken in to Hawkins's house before? Moving on, because I never get that explained, Jimmy says that Hawkins won't be back from patrol for a while, so they might as well poke around. Jake reluctantly gives in, but before entering the house, he catches sight of the fallen paper clip. Oh, Hawkins's high-tech detection devices are no match for Jake! (Because he's Jake.)

In the basement, we get a shot of what I guess is a busted lock, and Jake asks Jimmy if he did that. "Uh, yeah," Jimmy admits rather shamefacedly. When did he do it? Just now? Back when he and Gray first combed through the house? Or are we supposed to glean from the busted lock and the fact that Jimmy said he had a hunch and was right that Jimmy was here just before he brought Jake? So confusing. Inside Hawkins's secret office, Jimmy spreads his arm wide to Jake, who takes in the pin-speckled map of the United States, the desk, and the cup of pencils on the desk and admits, "All right, this is kinda weird, but he's FBI -- isn't this what his basement would look like?" You tell us, Jake. You tell us! Jimmy says that he thought the same thing until he found the drawer full of IDs and passports, along with a roll of cash. Warily, Jake asks if Gray knows about this. No: Jimmy wanted to get a second opinion before he told anyone. Yeah, more like he wanted to get a Jake opinion before he told anyone. Man, between this episode and last -- not to mention all the other times Jake has saved Jericho's ass -- Jake is more mayor than even Mayor Dad is more mayor than Gray! Jimmy asks what he wants to do. Jake looks at the paper clip in his hand and says nothing.

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