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Yellow Plastic Packages Tied Up With BOOM

Hawkins stealthily slides open a file cabinet and pulls out a gun, "She's gone," is all he says before whipping the gun in front of him to aim it at Jake. Jake just looks casually over at Hawkins. He's SO not worried. Hawkins double-checks the gun, laughs softly, and ejects the empty magazine. "You're pretty thorough," Hawkins admits with ungrudging admiration. Jake nods, "I also took care of the one behind the cabinet and the one behind the water heater." Behind the water heater? Does Jake have a gun detector or something? What am I asking? Jake IS a gun detector. Jake raises his gun again and says, "There's only one loaded gun in this house, and it's mine. Sit down." Hawkins' smile becomes strained, but he sits down, his arms out and up in a submissive stance. Jake pulls out some handcuffs and secures Hawkins's hands behind his back. Jake asks about Sarah again, and about all the other people pictured on the photo boards. Hawkins says in a low, angry voice that Jake is making a serious mistake. He's a federal officer. "Really? REALLY!?" Jake questions. Jake then slides open the drawer o' aliases and asks if Hawkins is sure he's not Robert Wheeler of the State Department or Robert Snyder of the Columbus Police Department OR Commander Robert Richmond of Naval Intelligence. Jake's so mad, he whips the last passport on the ground. "None of those are real, and neither is that badge," Jake tells him, "Who the hell are you and who do you work for?"

After the commercials, Hawkins spits out that Jake does not want to know what he knows. Jake thinks he can handle it. "Really?" Hawkins questions. "Because I can barely handle it, and I was trained for this." Jake gives Hawkins a choice of telling Jake or telling the whole town. Hawkins decides to tell Jake but warns, "Once you hear this, you are a part of it, and there's no going back." "Who do you work for?" Jake asks for the third time. Hawkins pauses, and then he says, "CIA." Jake makes disbelieving faces. Hawkins explains that he and Sarah Mason were part of an off-books team to track the bombs used in the attack. The bombs in question were actually brought in by the U.S. government. After the Soviet Union fell, the military in the satellite republics started selling off nuclear stockpiles on the black market. When the U.S. learned about this, it moved into action to get the weapons by whatever means necessary. Unfortunately, a few years ago, a shipment went missing en route to the D.O.E. storage complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. How did Hawkins get involved? Well, he proudly admits that he's the best at what he does, which of course begs the question, "And what the hell IS THAT ALREADY?!" "Satellite installation," Hawkins gives us ambiguously.

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