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Graveyard. Mom talks to a dead person. At first I thought it was Jake's grandfather, because I completely forgot anyone else of import has died on this show. We catch a glimpse of the perfectly-chiseled-without-much-electricity name on the headstone: April Green. I'm surprised they didn't include Tracy Green on the headstone. Usually, they bury mother and baby together when someone dies from pregnancy-related complications. Mom tells Dead April that Mayor Dad is brooding and being difficult. She kisses her fingers to the headstone and tells her, "We miss you, sweetheart."

Inside the Richmond farmhouse, Mimi finds Sean chomping on a bowl of something in the kitchen. "There's no more sprouts," he grins nastily, indicating his bowl. "You finished them?" Mimi asks pathetically. "I was hungry," Sean sneers, shruggingly. Use the hatchet, Mimi, use the hatchet. Mimi starts to ask what he's even doing there at 9:30 in the morning, but Sean comes around the table to show off his boxes. This answers more of the "who are you doing here" part of the question. "You slept here?" Mimi gasps, giving Sean the perfect opening to leer that there wasn't much sleeping going on. "You know what I mean?" Sean asks, mimicking humping. Maybe Mimi's not even hungry any more. I know I'm not. "Get out of the house," Mimi orders him quietly. Sean obnoxiously puts his hands up, all "okay, lady," just as Bonnie gallops down the stairs. The teenagers kiss and Sean goes upstairs. "What are you doing?" Mimi demands, "You let him spend the night?" "Yes," Bonnie happily shrugs. Mimi points out that Stanley wouldn't approve. "Stanley's not here," Bonnie says, doing a little of her own pointing out.

Hawkins's Magical Basement. Hawkins tells Jake that it took him two years to infiltrate the terrorist cell, and that he spent eight months of that time in prison. It was a hard job, but he did it. How? Well, the terrorists were looking for "high-grade government IDs." I wonder: if they can't get enough high-grade specimens, do they cut them with a few from the National Park Service? "You gave them their badges?" Jake spits out, sickened. Hawkins had to prove he was a loyal and valuable member of the cell. Jake thinks he's heard enough and goes to leave. "No, NO!" Hawkins bellows, calling him back, "You've barely scratched the surface." Hawkins reminds Jake that he's the one who wanted to hear this. Behind his back, Hawkins is working at the handcuffs with his handy high-tech paper clip. Hawkins explains that the badges he got from his source were going to be tagged so that his CIA team could track them. Flashing back, Hawkins and another cell member -- a kid named Daryl -- are in the process of completing the badge buy. The badge seller drops off the badges, refuses to say where he got them, and takes off with his money. As Hawkins packs up their car to leave, Daryl engages him in personal small talk until a bunch of FBI agents pull up in cars and a helicopter. Hawkins stares Daryl down and rips the kid's shirt up to expose a wire taped to his underfed belly. "I'm sorry, man," Daryl says, and Hawkins gripes in disbelief, "Man, you gotta be kidding me!" Hawkins, anyone with a name spelled like a kid robot is most certainly suspect. The FBI agents bend Hawkins over the hood of the car and cuff him, as Hawkins's VO explains to Jake that Daryl was an FBI informant. Hawkins went to prison, but his handler got him out with Hawkins's cover still intact. Is this when he was in prison for eight months? It's not clear.

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