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Jake and Jimmy destroy some perfectly lovely Craftsman-style stained glass as they break into a house. After calling out the inhabitant's name and remarking on how cold the house is, Jake and Jimmy see a lump of blankets on the floor of an upstairs room. Grimacing with resignation, Jake pulls back the blankets to reveal a dead senior citizen. All Jimmy can think to say is "Temperature dropped so fast." Jake adds, "It's going to be a long winter." He must have seen the dead guy's shadow.

In Jericho's town hall, Mayor Gray attempts to keep his chattering constituents calm. He tells them that they are currently using the generator to power the town hall for three hours a day, and the med center for six hours. He points to some numbers on a blackboard and explains how much fuel they have. It's not much. He then points to some other numbers on the blackboard, which represent how much they need to get them through the winter. It's a lot. They will be completely out of gas and diesel in two weeks. Dad mutters something about dancing girls, which makes me think Mom has stopped trying to poison him and is now attempting to gaslight him. Dad mutters that Gray is just scaring the crap out of everyone and that's not right. No, it's better to coddle them and make them think that everything's peaches and cream on the fourth of July. Dad groans that he's going to need a hobby. By this point, Jake and Jimmy have slipped into the meeting; Jimmy sidles over to Hawkins -- what's going on? There are black people there who aren't the Hawkins family! Where did they come from? -- and tells him that one of the refugees claims to have been a cop in St. Louis. Aha! It's like a code word. Okay, so should I be worried that my apartment manager also used to be a cop in St. Louis? Hawkins reacts to this news by following Jimmy out of the meeting. Gray continues to yammer gloom and doom; Heather turns to Emily and wonders, "What about the windmills?" Emily gives her a blank look. She's just so good at that. Mom and a few others also look over at Heather, so she says more loudly, "Wind power -- we should be building windmills." Gray points at her, nods, and calls up their "chief engineer down at the mines," Harry Carmichael. Oh, can I call him "Hoagy" and hope he and Lauren Bacall do a jazz duet at some point in this show? Hoagy explains that they had been looking at the wind turbines for weeks now with Mayor Green, but that it's going to take time to build something to connect it to the grid. Time, Mayor Gray adds -- this town really does have some colorful mayors, no? -- that they can't afford. Heather looks around in confusion, trying to find someone who would understand her MacGyver brain. Emily just looks confused.

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