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Jake And The Black Man

Four flatbed trucks with fabric-covered poles caravan to Jericho. And why do we know they are going to Jericho? Because they pass a green mileage sign that tells us they are twelve miles from Jericho, even though we had every reason to believe they yanked up all the Jericho signs when Ravenwood was ranging around. A fully healed Gray meets the trucks and says, "I didn't expect to see you till spring, Russell." Isn't it spring now? Russell lifts off the tented fabric and says that he thought they might be needing these: the wind turbines. A bunch of randoms jump out of the trucks, and we don't actually know who they are until Gray says, "It's good to see our guys back, but it's going to take some time for me to find some guys to replace them." Russell says that they don't need Jericho's men anymore: "Constantino called it an act of good faith." I wonder if Constantino's definition of "good faith" is the same as the rest of the world's. Gray is puzzled but happy to get his men back along with the turbines. Mary runs at Stanley and asks where Eric is. Totally lying, Stanley says that Eric wasn't ready to come home. A bit stunned and sad, Mary thanks him and backs off. Jake trots up and gives Stanley a happy hug, saying he didn't know that they were coming back today. Well, he would have called, but the can was busy. "None of us did," Stanley mutters, grim eyes looking over Jake's shoulder.

When Jake asks about Eric, Stanley pulls him aside and tells a very different story from the one Mary got. It's true that Eric told Stanley that he wasn't ready to come home because he was still messed up over April's death, but then Eric didn't come in to work one day, and Stanley hasn't seen him since. Going on, Stanley says that he doesn't know what's happening in New Bern: "When I asked about Eric, they couldn't tell me anything. Then the cops started escorting us wherever we went. Then today -- today, out of nowhere, Russell says pack it up, we're going home, like it wasn't safe for us there anymore." Jake's been looking steely and determined this entire time, and when Stanley finishes, he makes the most awesome face. Dude, he doesn't even LOOK back at Stanley. His face fixed and resolute, Jake snaps an upward nod -- looking off into the distance that is TOTALLY in the direction of Hawkins's house -- and you just know, you KNOW that he has made up his mind to mount a mission to New Bern. We seriously rewound that scene five times. Just because of Jake's face.

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