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Jake And The Black Man

Outside the trailer, Jake accuses Hawkins, "Is that doing it your way?" Hawkins rightfully points out that Jake asked him to come along. Seriously, Jake, you know -- or have suspicions of -- what Hawkins might be capable of doing. That's why you want him with you. You don't just want some bohunk who can shoot a gun; you want someone who can think before, during, and after shooting that gun. "What were you going to do?" Jake demands. Truthfully? "Less than you would have," Hawkins admits. "You see, I've done...I've done enough, Jake, to know better. It's the fear of torture that gets results." Especially when that fear involves knees and Drano. "Actual torture only works in the movies." And Alias. Hawkins walks off, leaving Jake to consider the wisdom of his words. Or something.

Richmond farmhouse. Stanley is telling tales of his New Bern hardships while the rest of the household eats. "And this one guy was so skinny, you could count his ribs through his shirt. I tried to give him food when I could, but none of us had much, so...," he explains. Mimi and Bonnie listen, not eating. Sean, however, is definitely eating. Eating loudly. "And then one day," Stanley continues, "I could just see it in his eyes. He'd given up." Mimi and Bonnie look sad. "I never thought I'd be so grateful to live on a farm," Mimi remarks. Stanley chuckles. "From now on, I promise I'll only complain intermittently," Mimi says. Aw, Mimi's growing! Stanley homespins, "Well, we don't have much, but we'll always have enough." Mimi smiles down at her plate, nodding.

Sean, who has stopped shoveling food in his maw, has something to say. "Dude," he says, dropping his hand on the table next to Stanley's plate, "All they need to do is get the internet back up. After that, it's a piece of cake." Bonnie holds a hand up to her mouth, either to keep from laughing or throwing up. "Why is that?" Stanley sneers around a mouthful of food. "Well, you could do anything," Sean shrugs, like it's totally obvious, "I mean, you could run for president -- make a virtual White House. Fly a plane into that!" I think that last comment was meant to be in the tone of "just try." Mimi calmly rolls her eyes at this. Sean goes on about how virtual cities and towns leave nothing to nuke. "Yeah, but," Bonnie finally interjects, "where would we get...stuff?" Sean doesn't know what this "stuff" is that she speaks of. "Oh, I don't know," Stanley explains. "Food, clothes, blankets, fuel." Sean doesn't think that this is a problem: "After the internet is back up, you just order all that stuff." Stanley drops his fork and covers his face. I sympathize, man. That's how I felt after watching Jericho's second episode.

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