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Jake And The Black Man

Police HQ. Sam arrives, and Jimmy annexes him for a little artwork chat in his office.

Russell stops in at Frodale's general store to broker a salt deal with the two kids. He wants to become partners. Skylar thinks that they're doing okay on their own, and Frodale's oddly purple lips tighten. Maybe it's the bluish light of the general store -- although Skylar's coloring looks fine -- but Frodale always looks on the verge of hypothermia. He's really quite creepy, actually: corpse-white skin, circles under his dead, staring eyes, and that little blue mouth. I get that they are showing two kids who have had to grow up fast and fend for themselves because no one else is looking out for them, but there's something feral and brutal about the two of them. Frodale has sort of scared me from the first episode. Like he's a bomb waiting to go off. Also, I have this odd feeling that if Skylar hadn't fallen all over his Bomb Pop mouth of her own accord, he might have clubbed her, dragged her off by her hair, and forced her to keep house for him. Russell goes on that he knows all the trade routes and could be their distributor. It would mean bigger profits for Skylar and Frodale. "And," Russell adds to seal the deal, "I'll deal with Gray Anderson for you." Skylar looks questioningly at Frodale, who barely flicks an eye at her, saying nothing. Skylar slowly turns back to Russell and asks when he needs an answer. "Before I leave in the morning," Russell says. "Believe me, this is good for everyone." He leaves.

Jake and Hawkins dart down an alley behind (or between) the factory. They are momentarily halted by an unguarded gate that warns "Danger: Keep Gate Closed," but although the gate is locked, it is no match for Jake and a piece of pipe that was lying around. Jake and Hawkins sneak into the factory, having gained entrance -- I can only imagine -- by another unguarded door. Guns drawn, they ramble all over the factory. And run into no one. No Constantino, no workers, no guards. NO ONE. I'm beginning to find the New Bernies an adorably trusting people. Jake point out a sign that warns, "NOTICE AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL -ONLY-." Since the other sign did nothing to prevent them from gaining entry to the factory, Jake and Hawkins have no reason to be discouraged by these menacing en-dashes. Sure enough, they walk into another room that whose sole Cerberus is the "-ONLY-" sign. Jake finds a suspicious-looking blackboard -- which is green, hence my suspicion, because I have a grave distrust of all blackboards that aren't black, and especially of those that aren't really blackboards at all and are actually life-sized wipe boards -- and whispers Hawkins over.

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