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Jake And The Black Man

The evil greenboard lists what appear to be all of Jericho's assets: the various farms and their crops, the salt mine, and the livestock. Hawkins notes, "It's a full inventory of Jericho." A few weeks ago, we might have found it suspicious that a relative newcomer could recognize a full inventory of Jericho just by looking at a list, but I guess Hawkins has proved himself by now. Even if he did possess a curiously complete comprehension of Jericho, it's for the town's own good. Right? For no reason other than the fact that I am food-obsessed, I want to list all of the crops Jericho supposedly might produce: corn, wheat, grain, sunflower, soybeans, and honey (though this last one has a question mark next to it, like they aren't entirely sure if Farmer Ted is a beekeeper or just really allergic to sunlight). For livestock, they've got cattle, fowl, and swine. Not pigs, but swine. I've never heard of a swine farmer. Sounds more like an insult. Jake's keen eye sees the corner of a piece of paper and gets an idea. He FLIPS the greenboard. Clever Jake. I was sort of hoping for an ugly caricature of Anne Shirley as drawn by a snotty and rebellious student, who would soon mend her ways and grow to adore her Canadian schoolmarm, but instead we get a paper map of Jericho's town center with large aspects of land divided up all around it. This either denotes claim-staking or troop placement. The names on the divisions are "Marshall," "Perkins," "Constantino," and "Landsmen." Routes in and out of town are noted in red, as are checkpoints, bridges, farms, and the salt mine. "They sliced it up like they own it," Jake notes. Or want to attack it. Hawkins wonders quietly, "What do they know that we don't?" Jake and Hawkins exit the land-use planning office.

Police HQ. Darcy comes back from wherever she was and sees this Sam talking with Jimmy in his office. Jimmy looks up at Darcy, and an "oops!" look crosses his face. Jimmy and Sam leave Jimmy's office. After learning that Jimmy was talking to Sam about his art and about a possible application to art school (pending his rendition of Tippy the Turtle), Darcy sends Sam off to the lobby. Darcy demands to know what Jimmy thinks he's doing. Jimmy insists that something is going on with Sam, and it's not just about the bombs. Darcy is annoyed with Jimmy's interference; she has enough problems as it is without Jimmy creating more. "Right," Jimmy says, sort of scared by his own boldness, but still not convinced that Darcy gets how serious the situation is.

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