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Jake And The Black Man

Hawkins's house. Darcy examines Sam's artwork and tells him that she doesn't want to have to come back to this house again. Sam doesn't say anything as he puts a box of stuff on the counter. He's a really cute kid. Probably made cuter by the fact that they don't have him saying much. Darcy asks if he got all the toys he wants. Sam nods. Darcy wants to know what he and Jimmy talked about. "Nothing," Sam responds. Darcy smiles knowingly and reminds Sam that they don't keep secrets in their family. HAH! Oh, sorry -- was she serious? Sam's eyes actually seem to echo my HAH! Darcy smiles and admits, "Yeah, I know, baby." There's a knock at the door's Jimmy! Of course! Because where else would he be if not at the Hawkins's house? Or in the Hawkins's business? Jimmy tells Darcy that he thinks they should talk. The scene has the same misdirected seriousness that they drummed up when Jimmy oddly called Hawkins "Robert" and held onto his hand after telling him about the body they found. Darcy sends Sam upstairs to check his room one more time. Darcy starts babbling that she understands why Jimmy is curious about her family. After all, they're new, they keep to themselves, don't have many friends, and bury bombs in their backyard. But if Jimmy wants to ask something, Darcy would appreciate it if he came to her directly and didn't go through her kids. Jimmy says, "I think Sam is trying to say something with that drawing -- something he can't put into words." Darcy cautiously asks what Jimmy means. "He's drawing a little boy that's afraid," Jimmy says. Darcy's mind races. "Because his dad's not around," Jimmy continues, "to protect him or his family." Whew! Dodged a bullet there -- er. Yeah. Jimmy told Sam that he's not alone and that he's knows what it's like to have divorced parents. Darcy nods. Jimmy goes on that he told Sam that he's been through it, and he thinks he turned out okay. Relieved, Darcy smiles, "I think you turned out better than okay, Jimmy." Jimmy appreciates that and says he's going to head back to his house. Darcy thanks him for not asking if her husband and/or daughter is a murderer. I swear, Jimmy is always just on the edge of burgeoning brilliance, and then he gets it all simplistically wrong.

Russell arrives at Gray's office to report that all the turbines are up. Gray thanks him and shakes his hand, saying, "You were as good as your word -- even better." Russell's happy to hear that, because he wants a one-quarter stake in the salt mine. "Would 'we' be Constantino? Is that what all this goodwill was about?" Gray asks. Russell swears that isn't the case, and says that he can make this deal work for the good of both of their towns. He wants Gray to agree to let him sell salt from the mines. Gray won't. Russell hands over a piece of paper showing that he and Skylar made a deal. Gray laughs mirthlessly: "I guess that you and the Olsen Twins think that this is kind of cute." Wow -- a pop culture reference from Gray! Although I'll bet he thinks the Olsen Twins still live in that Victorian house in San Francisco. Russell says that they conducted a legal transaction, but Gray counters, "It's not for sale." "There are people in New Bern who think that it should be," Russell says. Dude, Gray, you might really need to listen to him. Really. Instead, Gray laughs angrily that he doesn't care what people in New Bern think. "You need to!" Russell insists.

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