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Jake And The Black Man

Jake walks away with Stanley trailing behind. Cornering Russell, Jake demands answers about his brother's whereabouts. Russell can't provide them. Finally Jake demands, "What the hell is going on over there, Russell? Should I be worried about him?" When Russell pauses, Jake grabs him by his woolly lapels and throws him back against the truck, repeating, "Should I be worried?" Russell nods: "I would be." Jake's release of Russell is just as violent as the initial grab. He stalks away, shaking his head irritably. You know what is awesome about Jake? Okay, what else is awesome about Jake? His pulled-up hoodie and scars make him look every inch the bad-ass, but he pulls the look off with a sort of unconsciousness that is incredibly hot. Stanley falls into step with him and tries to persuade Jake to let him come along. Jake's having none of it and orders Stanley to go home. He'll find Heather as soon as he gets there; she knows her way around New Bern. Jake pauses briefly to casually lift a can of gasoline out of the back of a truck. Even that move was awesome! Stanley argues, "Look, it's not safe out there -- you can't go by yourself." The Jericho music pulses up, and Jake says, "I'm not." Okay, it's only five minute into the episode, and we're already screaming. Really, really, loud. The saddest part is that we KNEW Jake was bringing Hawkins, and we KNEW they were teaming up to go to New Bern, and yet all hell STILL broke loose. It was as if we hadn't even seen the previews. Which, like, we HAD!

Next scene, Hawkins is opening the door. Jake just says, "I need your help."

Tonight's Morse code message is, "What hath Jake wrought?"

Pacing around Hawkins's living room, Jake tells Hawkins that he's got a really bad feeling about New Bern. After Hawkins tries remind Jake why he can't leave Jericho, Jake finally says, "The situation is, [Eric's] been missing for three days, and I came to you for help." Hawkins nods and whispers, "Okay." Then he stands up and adds firmly, "But if we do this, we do it my way." Hey, Hawkins's way is just fine with me. Especially because it's going to involve Drano.

Richmond farm. Laundry flaps in the wind. On the porch, Mimi's black hair flies as she pins up a sorta pink chemise. Because it's only "sorta" pink and not "very" pink, it makes me wonder if Mimi's red jacket somehow made its way into the wash. Mimi gasps as she sees Stanley, and she grabs Bonnie, pointing, "Stanley!" Both of them run over to Stanley and throw themselves at him. Well, Mimi does a full-on leap and straddle, and Bonnie tries to hug what's left of her brother. Stanley kisses both of them and hugs them again and again. A door bangs, and Sean dorks out, announcing, "You're totally back!" Stanley is suddenly not so happy to be home.

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