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Jake And The Black Man

Constantino continues to act like the New Bern equivalent of Gaston.

Perkins orders Eric and Jake to get up.

Constantino gathers up pitchforks and passes out the lyrics to "KILL THE BEAST!"

Perkins cuffs Jake and Eric as we get a voiceover of Constantino saying that Jericho wants to see them destroyed, and saying that he looked their mayor in the eye and told him how bad off the New Bernies were. "But on the day we made good on our end of the deal, what did they do? They tried to destroy the factory that keeps this town alive," Constantino preaches. Jake and Eric are brought out to the "YEAH"ing crowd. This is very bad. Very, very bad. "Here's your proof," Constantino says, gesturing at the brothers Green, "These are the sons of Johnston Green, sent from Jericho to wreak havoc on this town." Two completely failed attempts are hardly havoc. Stop being such a drama queen. "Now we know," Constantino goes on, "If these people have their way, New Bern would cease to exist." Eric and Jake stare at each other. Outside of all of this, Hawkins hides in the shadows and listens. "With your help," Constantino says, "and sacrifice, I will make sure that never happens." The crowd -- probably hoping for a live demo of that sacrifice -- yells and yeahs. Hawkins watches, resolute. It's all up to him. I LOVE THIS SHOW!

Next week: Jake is subject to brutal interrogation, Eric yells a lot, Mayor Dad threatens Constantino, and Hawkins appears to continue with his awesomeness. Also: explosions!

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