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Jake And The Black Man

Greenhouse. Mary walks in and haltingly apologizes for the disturbance, but she thought they should know that the Jericho men (she just calls them "The Men") came back from New Bern, and Eric wasn't with them. "Why not?" Mom croaks, pulling her red cardigan closer around her. "He decided to stay a little longer?" Mary supposes. "He decided to, or Constantino insisted?" Mayor Dad growls. I love how, throughout this entire episode, they say "Constantino" over and over and OVER again. It's like they are trying to make up for barely giving him a name in "Winter's End." Mary forces a smile and shrugs, painfully admitting that Stanley talked to him and learned that Eric wasn't ready to come home. Mom looks down and away. Mayor Dad looks down at Mary's hand and notes that it's wrapped in gauze. "Oh, I just was trying to fix the copper tubing on my still," Mary explains, looking up at Dad from under her lashes. "It just popped off and cut me." "Is alcohol really a priority right now?" Mom demands, basically calling Mary the Whore Of Babylon and the entire cast of Coyote Ugly rolled into one. Just as if she and Dad didn't waste an entire day getting empty-stomached drunk on Jake's old bourbon. Mayor Dad looks completely embarrassed by Mom's nastiness. "Actually, it's not to drink," Mary explains, choked up. "I was trying to make antiseptic for the Med Center." Oh, SNAP! Mom better just shut up, because she seriously can't put up! Mary decides that she should go. Still staring at the ground, Dad asks, "Got any sand over there at the bar?" Of course -- Mary keeps several tons around in case Eric wants to dig in it. Without answering, Mary asks, "Sand?" "Yeah, I think I can show you a way around that copper tubing -- I'll just give you a hand," Mayor Dad mutters, and he leaves, hardly even giving Mom a backwards glance. Mom stands there, her arms crossed, looking both pissed and ashamed.

Trotting authoritatively across the square, Gray tells a bunch of guys loading bags of salt into trucks to stop what they're doing. Inside Frodale's store, Gray demands to know what Skylar is doing with all the salt. Russell steps into the doorway to listen as Skylar reminds Gray that fifty-one percent of the mine now belongs to her: "I just took it from my half." "You don't have a half of anything; your parents do," Gray points out. Skylar can't help it if Gray insists on still seeing her as a child, but she has a right to what she owns. "You are a minor, and you don't own anything as long as your parents are still alive, or do you have some information that I don't have?" Gray says belligerently. That stops Skylar. Sensing an emotional crack, Gray tells her to get all the salt back to the mine. "And don't make me have to send my guys to do it." Whatever, dude, you're not on a road trip, and you can't just pull this salt mine over.

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