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Jake And The Black Man

On the edge of town, Jake and Hawkins wait for Deputy Perkins to dispense with the roadblock. "You buying any of that story?" Hawkins asks. "Nope," Jake mutters, "Neither was Ted." He pulls out a folded yellow Post-It note and hands it to Hawkins. Dude, wait until you get out of town before you start flashing that shit around! Ted slipped him the note when he shook Jake's hand. Good thing Constantino didn't catch him -- he might have made him read it before the whole class. Before shooting him. The note reads: "East Side Trailer Park Lot 24 Come Alone." It's always a trailer park. "So, we done here?" Hawkins asks. Jake sneers at this obvious understatement. Hawkins smiles back and checks his gun's magazine. The roadblock finally lets them through. "Okay," Hawkins says. Jake half-smiles back with grim agreement. They are so AWESOME together! They drive through, leaving New Bern, yet not leaving New Bern.

Richmond farmhouse. Bonnie and Sean canoodle, and Stanley flips out on Mimi for allowing Sean to stay there. Mimi snaps Stanley back into place and lectures him that the more Stanley resists Sean, the tighter Bonnie will hold onto him. Even worse, Bonnie and Sean might run away together. "Which used to mean you'd hear from them in a couple of days when they ran out of bus money. Nowadays? Chances are much better you'll find their bodies on the side of the road," Mimi almost shouts. She's not wrong. Stanley relents, sighing. Mimi agrees that the situation is a pain in the ass, but it's a safe and manageable pain in the ass. "And I suggest you let it stay here before it turns into anything more than that."

A New Bern truck patrols an outlying forest area, and no sooner does it pass than Hawkins and Jake are jumping out of hiding and hunching their way to a trailer park. They huddle behind a truck and look around. Hawkins starts to move forward, but Jake yanks him back, his eyes wide. He gestures silently at a green truck with someone in it. "That's Perkins's truck -- what is he doing staking out Ted's trailer?" Jake wonders. Jake, I think you just answered your own question. "Let's ask," Hawkins suggests. Seriously? When do you ever see people who are hiding from other people go up to those they are hiding from and be all, "So, yeah, we know we're supposed to be gone and all, but we've just gotta know: what are you doing here?" Hawkins and Jake sneak up to Perkins's truck and flank both sides of him, guns drawn. Hawkins pulls open the driver's side door and orders, "Hand your gun to my friend, and let's pay Ted a little visit." Shocked, Perkins hands over his gun.

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