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CBS: Shell Shocked

MAY 15TH-ish

1: I gotta say, guys, I'm loving the schedule. We got Cane, Moonlight, and Kid Nation -- it's looking sexy. Very sexy.

2: I'm getting off on it just thinking about it.

3: Remind me, what's Moonlight again?

1: Dude gets bitten by his vampire bride, uses his powers for good, and falls in love with a mortal.

3: Oh, right. Right, the "Angel Becomes a P.I." thing.

2: Yeah, but it takes place in New York, so it's totally different.

1: Totally.

Grunt: Sorry to interrupt, but, um...

1: Yeah? What's up?

Grunt: There's another bag of peanuts for you guys.

1, 2, and 3: ...

Grunt: From the Jericho fans.

2: Oh, right. Okay, just dump 'em in the breakroom.

1: What's the deal with the peanuts again?

3: Because of the whole "nuts" thing in the finale? Stanley and getting the war story wrong, and then Skeet saying "nuts" over the walkie-talkie, remember?

1: Vaguely.

4: I really like peanuts.

1: Anyway, we're thinking that with the schedule set to have--

Grunt: Um...

1: What?

Grunt: There's another bag.

2: So?

Grunt: Well, it's bigger.

4: Dude, can we get some of that in here? Thanks.

2: Can we get back on task, please? Now, we want to leverage --

Grunt: Look, uh...

1: WHAT?!

2: Another bag?

Grunt: Sort of "another bags." Bags. Plural.

3: You know what? For any and all future bags of peanuts from distraught fans, family, and Skeet, put them the breakroom -- ALL of them. Got it?

1: Do you think a little Lord Of The Flies-like brutality around sweeps is too much to hope for on Kid Nation?


1: Thanks for coming in, people. I know it's been a rough couple of weeks.

3: No more peanuts, please? No more!

1: Shhhhh. It's okay. It's all going to be okay.

4: I like putting peanuts on ice cream. Just vanilla ice cream and peanuts. No frills, you know? Just the sweet and the salty to satisfy all cravings.

2: Last night, my wife said she could smell them on me. I had to take three scalding showers before I felt clean. Then she told me I smelled roasted.

1: Yeah, well, I'm definitely having a nervous breakdown. A few nights ago, I dreamed that Mr. Peanut was riding a bomb over Kansas and screaming.

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