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At his store, Frodale stands on a table so his team doesn't have to crouch to hear him and promises the refugees three meals a day if they help him defend the "second largest farm in Jericho." The refugees grumble over risking their lives for a promise and start to leave. Frodale gets irritated and whiny and explains that if they help him, they will finally have a place in Jericho. "If you fight for my farm and we win, then everybody gets an equal split. It will be your farm -- you'll have a stake in town that nobody can take away from you," Frodale explains, actually making sense and being very Berkeley co-op about it. Skylar gazes up at him all hero-worshippy and imagines how much sexier he'll be when his voice changes. Frodale offers them "a future," and the refugees agree. Maybe I should start calling them the refarmgees.

In Gray's office, time has ticked away. It's been four hours. Hawkins glowers, Dad looks stern, and Gray looks very uneasy-rests-the-head-that-wears-the-dunce-cap.

Jake rushes around to do nothing and runs into Emily, who flings herself on his broad and awesome chest. As she grips him, she strokes the nape of his neck. An intimate gesture that's reserved for lovers. So, this is what I have to say: GET OFF HIS NAPE! YOU DON'T OWN JAKE'S NAPE! That's Heather country. And if she's dead, Jake's nape will throw itself on her funeral pyre. Jake pulls Emily to the side to tell her something.

The men in Gray's office wait for the other shoe to explode. Bill wonders if they should call Connie. "I don't have anything to tell him," Gray negates. "I'm not just going to give the town away."

As Emily babbles that everyone's saying New Bern is going to attack them, Jake interrupts and says, "Now look, something happened to Heather. She found out New Bern was building mortars, she tried to stop them, and they caught her, and nobody's seen her since." Emily, nervous, asks what they did to her. Jake doesn't know and has a hard time meeting her gaze. "Is she dead?" Emily finally asks, bluntly. Jake wrinkles up and doesn't know how to respond. "Jake, is she dead? Jake?" Jake still doesn't answer, but luckily, he's saved by the whistling sound that bombs always make on television and in the movies. Never having experienced them myself, I can't rightly say if this is all Foley invention or not.

In Gray's office, Dad also hears the whistling and orders, "Get away from the winders!" Everyone hits the floor as windows explode. Jake and Emily also hit the floor, and Jake intelligently covers his head as candy glass shatters around them. After determining that Emily isn't hurt, he orders her to wait there and rushes off to be his usual heroic self. Outside Town Hall, people are running in and running out. Small things are flaming on the steps and in the street. Jake's horrified eyes briefly take in the carnage of the town center before he rushes over to check on people lying in the street. He calls out for someone to help but then catches sight of Mom lying in the road with a cut on her head. He yells at her, hoping for a response, but he hears more whistling, so he throws his body over his mother's and covers her head as a mortar explodes in a nearby truck. Jake casts stricken eyes up to the smoke-choked sky as we go to commercials.

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