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After the break, things are burning, people are running, and Jake has dragged himself and Mom over to rest against the side of a building. Dad finds them and grabs at his wife, who mutters, "I can't hear." Eric joins them and tells her, "I'm right here, Mom." "What's happening?" Mom bawls, frightened. Gray and his deputies have finally left Town Hall to survey the damage, and Gray yells at everyone to take cover in shelters, Town Hall, etc. A stunned Jimmy informs Gray that Connie is on the line.

Inside, Gray bellows at Connie for being a sonuvabitch and demands to know what he is doing. "I'm sorry for your troubles," Connie says. You know what? I don't think he's sorry at all. Gray keeps bellowing, and Connie keeps up his calmly shrugging tone, saying that he warned them. Connie gives Gray another hour to think on his demands before New Bern starts another larger attack. Gray grabs at Stanley's jacket and orders him to gather as many rangers as he can find and go west, where they think the mortars were launched. Jowels shaking, Gray decides, "And we are going to TAKE THEM OUT!"

Scenes of blood, smoke, and destruction. Hawkins helps a limping woman with a head wound, and then Darcy finds him and tearfully asks what's going on and whether he's okay. Hawkins wants Darcy to get the kids and get to a safe house he knows of in Montana. Darcy protests this idea and asks how they're going to get there. For the first time, Hawkins seems completely unsure of himself. He doesn't know what to do for his family.

After Dad finds out that Gray sent Stanley and some rangers out to try to take out the mortars, he insists, "I should have been with them!" Gray points out, stupidly, "Well, you weren't here, and I couldn't wait."

Hawkins still doesn't know what they are going to do, but he suddenly looks around and says, "Hey, hey, hey -- we've gotta get underground." You know how Jake can smell the first wheat going in? Well, I think Hawkins can smell upcoming mortar attacks. Hawkins whirls around to the melee and yells that everyone needs to get underground right away. Rewatching this scene, I no longer think Hawkins is being cagey and intuitive with the mortar attack that won't happen for another hour -- I think this scene was to show Hawkins coming a bit unglued in his desperation to protect his family and what has become, to his intense surprise, his town. Darcy forces Hawkins to look at her and says, soothingly, "Let's go home." Hawkins, a bit calmer, agrees. Aw, I think Jimmy needs to give up his sheriffing and become a marriage counselor.

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