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Guns Are Easy

Gray's basement. The Greens and Gray stand around, waiting for word from Stanley. Jimmy chews on his fingers, and Bill finally breaks the silence to ask how they're going to know if it worked. Well, Bill, I'm guessing that if you all get bombed again, it's safe to assume it didn't work. Do you see how I figured that out? Try a little deductive reasoning. Gray doesn't say that, however; he just shakes his head wordlessly. More silence. Finally, Gray bursts out with an agitated "Come on!" Dad says nothing. He just keeps staring down Gray, who won't lift his eyes to look at anyone. Bombs explode above. Gray grabs the radio and yells for Stanley but gets nothing back. "Stanley!" he wails. Jake defeatedly leans against a wall and mutters to himself. If we could get Gray to draw it out a bit more, we could have a reverse A Streetcar Named Desire thing here. STAAAANLEEEEEEEY!

Above ground again, we see more damage to the town. The street is riddled with deep, smoking craters. Stanley, his jacket vividly spattered with a long splash of blood, trudges into town. He's followed by two other rangers who are staggering under the weight of a wounded third. Gray runs out of town hall, bellowing, "Is he shot?" Clearly stunned and not even reacting to Gray, Stanley keeps trudging. Jake and Dad run over to him, and Jake forces Stanley to sit down. He rips open Stanley's jacket to look for bullet holes just as Mary and Emily arrive on the scene. After sending the wounded ranger to the Med Center, Gray turns to Stanley and asks if he's okay. Stanley rubs his eyes, still silent. Jake, still taking interest in Stanley's chest, asks if he was shot. Dad asks where everyone else is and what happened out there. Hawkins and Mimi run over. Stanley doesn't know what happened: "We were moving toward the mortar truck and they were waiting -- they were waiting on both sides of it for us." Dad looks up at Gray and gives him the hairy eyeball. "They wouldn't -- they wouldn't stop f-firing," Stanley stutters, as Mimi clenches an arm around him. "Stanley, where is everybody else -- where are they, son?" Dad asks soothingly. Stanley looks bewildered. "Stanley!" Jake prompts, trying to catch his breath. "They're all dead," Stanley cracks out.

That's all Dad needs to hear. He stands up, never taking his eyes from Gray. The Glockenspiel Of Stupid Decisions Made By Elected Officials chimes out again, and Gray looks anywhere but at Dad and Stanley. "They're all dead!" Stanley repeats, rubbing his mouth like he's about to be sick. Jake holds on to Stanley's lapel and rests his forehead against his friend's. If Emily had pearls, she'd be clutching them, but instead, she contents herself with laying a dramatic hand on her bare clavicle. Jake's eyes go thyroidal, and Mimi chokes, "This is insane!" Jake turns his face of fury on Gray and launches himself at the mayor, grunting, "You sunuvabitch!" Dad and Eric drag Jake back, and Hawkins inserts himself -- arms spread wide -- between the Greens and the mayor's entourage. "Bailey's. Now," Dad orders, releasing Jake's collar and charging off. Yes, let's go get drunk! The Greens leave Emily and the mayor standing there, completely useless. Mimi huddles with a broken Stanley. The anvil pans down to show mayor's shaking hands and what do we see? That he's got blood, BLOOD ON HIS HANDS!

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