Coalition Of The Willing

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Guns Are Easy

At Bailey's, the Greens and Hawkins pore over a map of the area and try to figure out where the mortar truck is positioned. Dad wants Jake to look for tracks and see which direction they went, adding, "And Jake, just scout 'em. We're not gonna do anythang else half-cocked. First we find 'em, then we'll formulate a plan." Mary and Emily charge into the bar. "Got it," Jake nods. "Just scout 'em," Hawkins repeats to Jake, subtly giving him his FBI/CIA/NSA/MI6 stamp of approval on the plan. "I'm coming with you," Emily announces. "It's not a request." Lord -- there hasn't been so much eye-rolling in my house since Quantum carried SURAK'S FUCKING KATRA. Jake considers her order for a moment then reaches in, pulls out his gun, and SHOOTS HER! Yeah, I wish. No, he just pulls out the gun, flips it in his hand, and hands it over to her -- butt first. "All right," Jake rumbles. Given that they are on horses in the next scene, I was dearly hoping he'd say, "Let's ride!" But he doesn't.

Jake and Emily scout the area on horseback. Jake explains where he thinks the mortar truck went, just as Eric gallops up. Eric's wearing a navy blue longish coat, which, combined with the rifle slung across his back with the strap crossing his chest, sort of makes him look uncannily like a Union soldier. The beard helps. Eric reports that Hawkins saw a five-ton truck coming there from New Bern; it's three miles back. Jake reasons that it's a supply truck heading for the next mortar site. Eric thinks they can take it. Jake agrees and "yahs" his horse away.

On a grassy bluff, Hawkins lies in wait with his trusty sniper rifle. Emily is next to him. Hawkins squints through the sight and uses his jaw to nudge the gun into position.

Reenacting a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Green boys gallop behind the truck, urging their rides to overtake it.

Hawkins continues to aim.

The guy in the passenger seat of the truck catches Eric approaching in his side-view mirror. He pulls out a gun. Jake reaches for the door on the driver's side, but he doesn't quite make it and falls back. The passenger leans out the window with his rifle. Eric falls back a few paces and pulls out his gun.

Hawkins finally fires and hits the windshield. He reloads and takes aim again.

Jack reaches the driver's side door and climbs onto the truck. His horse runs off, glad to get away from these crazy humans. Jake sticks his gun in the driver's face and orders him to stop the truck. The driver complies. However, to add to the confusion, motorcyclists in black helmets zip up. Jake looks wildly around at these interlopers.

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