Coalition Of The Willing

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Guns Are Easy

Hawkins hurriedly attempts to re-aim, but two more motorbikes leap up behind him and Emily and point guns at them.

Down on the road, a truck with many men hanging off of it is led to the supply truck by a slim black car. Jake and Eric hold their hands up in surrender. Hawkins and Emily join them with their captors. Jake turns back to look at the black car. All dramatic, the door opens, and we see a booted foot hit the dirt. The camera pans sloooowly up to a black leather jacket topped by the craggy face of Jonah Prowse. You know, if they hadn't spilled the damn beans in the previouslies, which undertook to show us practically every friggin' scene Jonah has ever been in, the wow factor would have been much more impressive. Scratch that -- there actually would have been a wow factor. As it is: meh. Jonah orders his men to let the Jerichoians go. Emily, her hands still up, walks out from behind the truck and sees her father. She drops her arms immediately and irritably. "Well, you two finally turned to a life of crime," Jonah comments.

Back in Jericho, Frodale unlocks his storeroom, and he and Skylar lead Dad in. Dad tells the purple-mouthed psycho that they're going to need his men. "My men don't fight for Gray Anderson," Frodale snits. "We're asking you to help defend the town," Dad says sternly and reminds Frodale that if they lose to New Bern, Frodale will lose everything he has. Frodale looks down, annoyed. Skylar speaks up in what is becoming an obnoxiously shrill voice: "If we fight with you, we keep Mrs. Herbert's farm." Dad looks at her. "And we get the abandoned Surrey farm also," Frodale adds threateningly. Dad -- surprised by the kid's lack of basic human emotion -- points out that they already own half the salt mine as well as a percentage of every farm in the county, "Now you want more?" Frodale shrugs, "It's just business." "This isn't about business," Dad shoots back, adding that he's asking Frodale to do this for him. Frodale looks down and away. Dad leaves. Frodale sulks. I'm glad someone finally stood up to the little cretin.

Back with Jonah's gang, Emily tells her father that they need his help. Jonah ignores her and tells his gang to pack it up and move out. Emily follows him. Reminding her that the last time he was in town, the Jerichoians tried to lynch him, Jonah shakes Emily off. Emily persists, so Jonah does the parental move of grabbing her upper arm and marching her away from the group. He tells her that she has to come with him. He's been watching New Bern move their weapons, and he predicts that Jericho will be wiped out. Emily won't go with her truck-robbing father; she wants him to give her his maps and he'll get half of everything they take from New Bern. Emily adds the kicker: "And if New Bern's army is a big as you say it is, you'll do a whole lot better than hittin' one truck at a time out here." The girl's voice has to get hick when she's talking tough. "You got more of me in you than yer ever gonna admit," Jonah smiles, agreeing to her terms.

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