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Hail To The Thief

Jake lies in wait for Beck to bring out Chavez. "Where you taking him?" Jake asks. Beck barks that he's being transferred. Yes, his new job will be Sergeant Major of a very deep, very quiet, very black hole. Yelling, "You sunuvabitch!," Jake launches himself on the handcuffed Chavez and pushes him against a wall. The soldiers try to pull Jake off, but Jake punches Chavez right in the eye. Beck shoves Chavez and the attending soldiers off down the hall, and tells Jake sincerely, "No one wants to do that more than me. He put one of my men in the hospital, too. Oh, he'll get his due, I assure you." Beck leaves. Jake watches him go, a smile twitching at his lips. He sighs with certain contentment.

Hours later at Beck's office. A lieutenant looks over a file and pounds insistently at Beck's doorjamb to tell him that the info on Parker-Chavez is back. Apparently, Parker died in action in Afghanistan in 2003. Beck pauses, and then realizes, "He's BlackOps." Yeah, he is! Beck tries to raise the prisoner convoy on the radio but gets no response.

We pan to an abandoned Humvee somewhere in Kansas. We hear Beck's voice on the radio. All the soldiers are dead or seriously incapacitated, and Chavez is gone. He has that power to make people's eyes stream black ichor, doesn't he? That's what BlackOps really means.

Eric walks into Gray's office and find the mayor packing up stuff. Eric drops the folded flag on Gray's desk and says, "You left this at the farm." Gray looks at the dead flag and plops it back on his desk. "You didn't even ask him one question," Eric accuses, "All you did was say yes." Not looking Eric in the eye, Gray admits, "Well, I wanna go to that convention, and interrogating the President is a good way to make sure that never happens." Half-heartedly, Eric wishes Gray a safe trip and turns to go. Gray calls him back to show him that he found a framed Gadsden Revolutionary Flag. Eric lets out a surprised breath. It was Mayor Dad's flag; they thought it got lost during the renovations. Gray found it in storage, and thought about hanging it in his office. "But it just isn'," he finishes. Yeah, that's putting it mildly. Gray, however, fixes Eric in his gaze and says, "I'm going to Cheyenne to ask those questions, and I'm going to keep asking the questions until I get some answers. I just don't want them to see me coming." See, I am so not heartened by that because, (a) I don't think Gray even knows what questions to ask; and (b) he will die. Gray is not sly. In fact, the spectrum of slyness in Jericho goes: Hawkins, Jake, Mimi, Frodale, Mary, Bonnie, Stanley, Eric, Jimmy, Gray, Bill. Gray isn't even a Jimmy -- that's how clueless he is. Gray is the type to get romanced by a three-star room graced with two-star scotch and he'll ask one artless question and be dead the next day. They'll make it look like suicide and attribute it to PTSD. At least Gray will get in one last semi-smart act, he wants Eric to be mayor while he's gone. "And try not to get us into too much trouble," Gray half-jokes. Eric smiles.

Beck's office. Beck stands at attention in front of a flat-screen television. A raspy voice tells Beck that what transpired that day is unacceptable. Beck respectfully says he understands, and we get a good ol' eyeful of Valente on the flat-screen. Valente wants to know how Beck's men lost the prisoner. Beck doesn't know; there's absolutely no record of this alive-again Perkins ever existing. They can't find fingerprints or DNA. "Not to mention every piece of paper with his name or picture on it has disappeared from my CV," Beck adds. Valente changes subjects, asking about the search for Sarah Mason. Beck has nothing to say on that score. Valente nods, "That's what I thought. You're overwhelmed. I'm sending a private contractor who knows the area. He'll take care of the day-to-day administration of the town while you find the terrorist." Valente hangs up. Beck is not thrilled. He turns to see Jake walking into the outer office. Beck walks out and tells him about Chavez's escape: "I've been racking my brain, trying to figure out how a handcuffed prisoner, guarded by three soldiers, escaped through the back of Humvee." Jake doesn't say anything. "Any ideas?" Beck demands. "Well, I heard he was a spook," Jake supplies. "Figured he picked the locks on his cuffs and fought his way out." Beck pretends to consider this: "Sounds plausible. Suppose I should have thought of that. Thanks for your help today. Much appreciated." Beck walks away. He's bugged.

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