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Hail To The Thief

Jake walks into his house to find Emily and Eric drinking beer. What, does she live there now? What about her house? GO HOME, EMILY! Jake sits down with a world-weary breath, and Eric tells him that Gray appointed him acting mayor in his absence. Jake grins, "Mayor Green." Emily giggles inanely that it's nice to hear that again.

Humvee headlights stream into town. Beck waits outside City Hall. The Humvees pull up. It's Ravenwood. DAY-UM!

Green house. Without revealing anything about his day, Jake sighs that things with Beck are "getting dicey." "Well, we've dealt with worse and we're still here," Eric reminds him. Yeah, when YOU left your wallet in Rogue River. Dumb-ass. "We can handle it," Eric decides. Jake smiles at his brother's naïveté and leans forward to clink beer necks with him.

A few dark figures get out of the Ravenwood 'vees. One steps into the light to meet Beck. Ho-LY shit! It's D.B. Sweeney! Meaning, of course, it's Goetz! Oh, this is just so, so bad! How awesome is this? (By the way, the screaming in my house? Only time it was louder was for the Evil Universe Enterprise.) Goetz may have shaved himself after his last tangle with Jake and the Black Man, but he's still evil. He's subverting the Evil Goatee paradigm. Beck introduces himself and asks "You Goetz?" D.B. Sweeney doesn't really care who Beck is, and says, "Tactical operations officer, I'll take it from here." He brushes by Beck and stomps into City Hall. We go dark on Beck's rather irritated profile. Beck, man, you better do something about this!

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