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Hail To The Thief

Anyway, Hawkins tells Jake that falsifying the results is exactly what the government did, but that somewhere in the downloaded files are the original results. And they didn't trash those results why? It's not like Hawkins was combing through the computer to find deleted files the way the Genius Bar does when you accidentally erase your entire hard drive the day before five deadlines. Also, why would the Situation-mobile need to carry those incriminating files around with them? Wouldn't they be safer with Valente? I know Beck said that the Situation-mobile was like a White House on wheels, but Valente's not traveling with them, so why are the files? Of course, I could be overlooking something. Like the fact that they do have a spare Valente on the Situation-mobile. They just store him in a man-sized safe.

Hawkins types in the password and accesses the necessary files that tell him all sort of delicious things. The fissile type? Plutonium 544722-11. The weapon package? ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile, not Intel chip-based Macintosh). And the country of origin? Yeah, that'd be the Soviet Union. Jake reads over Hawkins's shoulder that the plutonium was milled in Seversk. "That bomb wasn't from North Korea. It's an ex-Soviet nuke," Jake breathes, acting like this is the first time he heard it. Jake shuffles around the cabin, staggered by the proof that Cheyenne lied about the attacks. "Oh, this is just the paper trail," Hawkins corrects him. "And your bomb is the hard evidence," Jake finishes. Hawkins says, "Unfortunately, getting that evidence out is going to be damn-near--" "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Jake blibbers, pausing in his excessive temple rubbing. "What do you mean 'out'? Out -- out where?" Hawkins tells him that the bomb has to go to Texas, since the Lone Star State is on the brink of joining up with Cheyenne, making the Usurper President damn near unstoppable. Hawkins asks where they took Chavez. Jake says that he's in lockup, but that he's getting transferred to "some place called Loomer Ridge." Hawkins jumps up and says that Loomer Ridge is a supermax prison in Colorado: "That is the kind of place you don't come back from." Jake protests that Chavez is well guarded. "Oh, I'm not going to risk the greater mission trying to rescue him," Hawkins assures Jake. "But Chavez had the contacts in Texas, and I gotta find a way of getting this information to the right people by myself." "What -- you gonna drive around Texas with a bomb in the back of your car, looking for people you don't even know yet?" Jake stresses. "Well, when you put it like that, Jake," Hawkins says sarcastically. Jake thinks for a moment, and then jumps up, claiming that there might be another way to get the information out. He grabs his jacket and says, "There's a reporter--" "No," Hawkins interrupts him. "The media's in Cheyenne's pocket." Jake thinks that this guy might be different. Well, of course. I mean, he's got two Pulitzers, right? Jake says, "Let me feel him out, all right? I'll keep you insulated." Man, everybody is just feeling everybody tonight! Hawkins is still not convinced. "Unless you can think of a better way," Jake challenges. Hawkins is convinced. Jake storms out, muttering, "I've been trusting you; now it's time for you to trust me." The door bangs shut. Hawkins stares after Jake and nods to himself. Because he's awesome.

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