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Hail To The Thief

Bailey's. It takes a bit of doing, but Jake convinces Utley to get the information out. Utley wants to call his editors, but Jake stops him: "On a government-issued phone -- are you crazy?" No, just stupid. Jake shifty-eyes the bar and tells Utley that he needs to leave the press pool ASAP: "You can't talk to anyone." Like that won't be suspicious. Utley strikes me as the kind of guy who annoys everyone around him by talking too much. Case in point: before he even met Jake, Utley babbled that the terrorists were getting better-looking. Jake orders, "Drive straight through to Modesto." Utley considers this briefly: "So, you want me to sit on the biggest news story in history for two days? "Yeah, that part's non-negotiable, but you can drive as fast as you want," Jake tells him without cracking a smile. Utley grimaces, "Two guys and a typewriter, huh?" Jake nods, also grimacing. They shake on it.

Back at the farm, Stanley, Bonnie, and Mimi are all preparing for the presidential visit. Stanley grabs a blonde chick from J&R, who is finally given the name of "Trish," and asks if he can beg a favor off of her. Bonnie, standing next to him, signs, "We can wait. Don't be annoying." Trish signs and says back, "Oh, no, he's not annoying; I really am busy." Surprised, Bonnie signs back, "You can sign?" Trish explains that J&R mandates that all their managers learn many languages, and that she picked sign language. She has distinctive evil possibilities here. Maybe she learned sign language to brainwash and ingratiate herself with the Richmond clan. J&R could definitely have cultish possibilities. Stanley barrels on: "I hear you guys are really good at tracking things, so--" Bonnie slaps a restraining hand on Stanley's arm and signals that he can leave it to her. Stanley walks away. Bonnie apologizes for her brother and says that he and Mimi are getting married. "She scares me," Trish says and signs. "Me, too," Bonnie signs, "But it just so happens that I like her." Aw. Trish winningly asks, "Okay, so what's the favor?"

Prison. Beck storms in to question Chavez; all he gets out of him is "I am a dead man." Beck stalks out, telling a subordinate, "Send his prints and ID to Camp Liberty; we'll figure out who he is soon enough." I'm really getting conflicted here. On the one hand, I like Beck, so I hate to see him confused and frustrated. On the other hand, if I'm Team Jakins, Beck has to be thwarted at nearly every turn. For now.

In town, Jake tells Eric that he'll meet him at Richmond Farm for the Usurper President's big speech, and then asks what all the surrounding fuss is about. "Some guy had a heart attack at Bailey's," Eric explains. "He was dead when they found him." Oh. Oh, shit. Jake trots over to the body bag and orders, "Hold up!" He unzips the thick black bag, exposing Utley's dead face. Maybe I should have seen that coming, but I totally didn't.

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