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Deathstalker And The Warriors From Hell

Bailey's. Mary and Heather are still playing darts while Emily broods. I think Kenchy has given the whole party up as a bad job and gone off in search of the redheads at the Green house. Emily is in the gigantic bathroom when she looks up at Roger's apparition. He asks, "Is this how it's going to be? Lonely days, drunken nights?" I think it's actually the opposite, since it's still daylight outside. He also mentions "disturbing visions of a dead fiancée." Emily hesitantly asks Roger if he's dead. Roger asks if that would make it easier, and Emily stammers some more and finally says, "I should have been on the plane with you." Roger asks why she was so determined to stay in Jericho. Emily doesn't know, but I'm guessing it's the brainslugs. Roger leans in closely to her and whispers, "I think you do." Then the vision ends as Heather barges in to ask Emily if she's okay.

Sheriff's office. Oh, and maybe it is night now, after all. Or maybe the townsfolk just prefer to argue indoors. Gray asks what they'll do if Team Ravenwood comes back. Remember how they were only going to blow up the bridge because they had no time to come up with a better idea? Yeah, well apparently the writers didn't. Eric says that they have sentries posted, and Jake adds, "If it comes to it, the bridge is still wired." They left all those explosives just sitting on what is, apparently, a heavily traveled bridge? That's fabulous. Gray thinks that they should just blow up the bridge now, and all the extras yammer supportively. "You're not calling the shots, Gray," Dad proclaims from the door. Yay, Dad. He marches in, and everyone falls silent. Gray says that he's glad to see Dad upright, and calls him "Johnston." Dad sniffs, "'Mayor,'" and walks to the front of the room before demanding to know whom they all think is in charge of the town. Gray explains, "We thought we'd try mob rule for a while." Dad lectures them that if they were attacked from the west, they'd need to retreat across the bridge: "Help is on the other side of that bridge. Our people -- the whole world -- is on the other side of that bridge!" An extra somewhere mutters, "He's got a point," which gives me another giggle-fit. Dad concludes, "If we destroy that bridge, we've already lost." Gray huffs that everyone there, including Jake, wants to blow the bridge. Although it didn't sound like Jake wanted to blow it up in this scene. Before Eric can point out that he exists, Stanley says, "Not everyone." He asks them to let him know if they come up with a real plan, and exits, followed by Bonnie and, after a moment, Mimi. Jake starts to speak up, and Dad interrupts, "You -- hold your tongue." Hee. I don't think Jake is ever going to earn enough prodigal-son points to get that baseball cap he's had his eye on. Dad says that he's the only one there who was elected, and that he's not down with blowing up the bridge. Gray says that maybe it's time for a recall election, or something like that, so Dad and Eric give him a good glaring.

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