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Deathstalker And The Warriors From Hell

Outside, Mimi calls after Stanley. Bonnie looks at Mimi and then tells her brother, "No! She can't." After Stanley stares at her blankly, Bonnie calls him an idiot and walks away. That was a little odd. I understand if Bonnie doesn't like having Mimi around, but I don't know why it's up for debate now. Unless Mimi found somewhere else to stay in the past six hours. When Mimi walks up, Stanley brightly tells Mimi, "She said it's fine with her!" Mimi's skeptical.

After the easily-riled mob has departed, Jake knocks on Dad's office door. Mom stiffly leaves as Jake enters, saying, "I kinda put you in a bad position, huh?" Dad says that Gray was using Jake. Jake whimpers about how scary Ravenwood was, and then says that he doesn't want to fight: "We need a security force. A real one -- trained." Well, if you hadn't chased off D.B. Sweeney, I'll bet you could have had one. Or there's Jonah's gang. Dad ponders that for a moment, and then reaches into a cabinet and pulls out a U.S. Ranger handbook. As he hands the book to Jake, he explains, "This belonged to your grandfather. He had it on him when he landed at [sic] D-Day." Dad says that manual, and his training, got Grampa Green from Omaha Beach to Germany. Jake says that he remembers the story, and Dad says, "Make sure you do it right." Johanna asks if Dad is telling Jake to go invade Europe. God, I hope so.

Mom runs into Eric out on the sidewalk. Eric announces that he's staying elsewhere, adding that he'll pick up his stuff from the house tomorrow. Mom's silent. Eric finally says, "Mom, April --" Mom dreamily says, "--Will have a home with us for as long as she wants one." Mom's going to a scary Angela Lansbury place. If "scary" and "Angela Lansbury" aren't redundant. Eric nods, and walks away.

Emily is walking along Main Street, too, but then she stops at the non-denominational church and enters. Luckily for her, the empty church is well-lit with dozens of candles. I could sort of understand if they were votives, but they're not; they're huge pillar candles , and it's stunningly wasteful considering their situation. She sits in a pew.

Out at the bridge, Good Cop hands Hawkins a thermos as the two of them stand watch. Good Cop unconvincingly insists, "We did good today." You keep telling yourself that, bucko. Hawkins chuckles, "No, we just got lucky." I'm not sure that's true, either.

Back at the church, Jake enters and asks Emily if she's okay. She says that she is, and Jake explains, "I saw Heather. She's pretty wasted." Johanna wonders if Jake ran into Heather as she was preparing to drive home drunkenly in her death trap of a car. I say that as long as Heather wasn't running in the street, Jake wouldn't stop her. Anyway, Emily admits that she might be tipsy herself. Jake sits down and says, "I know what today is. Mom -- she still has the invitation on the fridge." He asks how Roger proposed, and Emily smirks, "Cristal and caviar." Jake says that beats "malt liquor in a video-store parking lot." Emily chuckles that they were teenagers then, and Jake says that at least they knew enough not to go through with it. After a pause, Emily asks Jake why he came back. Honey, he just wanted his inheritance. She says, "Why couldn't you just stayed [sic] away." Emily has a serious problem with tenses. Jake asks if that's what she wanted. She asks him what he said, and Jake moves in close, and then leans in like Roger did earlier, and hisses, "Are you sure that's what you wanted?" in a seriously creepy way. Emily's hallucinations are scarier than the nuclear apocalypse. Because that's what this is; Jake moves back, and then Emily's sitting in the pew again, alone in the church. Technical Advisor Stephen Granade didn't have any scientific notes on this episode, but he did comment, "I'm hoping that in a few episodes [Emily will] be Jericho's version of Miss Havisham. The clocks have already stopped, so she's halfway there."

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