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Deathstalker And The Warriors From Hell

Jake sits in the Greens' living room, clutching his shotgun, as dawn breaks. Eric walks in and tries to delve: "Jake, yesterday, when we talked about where you've been--" Jake interrupts, asking if Eric's dumped his wife yet. Eric awkwardly says that it didn't seem like the right time. "It's never gonna be," says Jake. Then there's a knock at the door, and Jake moves to defensive position as Eric goes to the door. Of course, it's just Stanley, Mimi, and Bonnie. Stanley mentions the soldiers who turned up at his place last night. And then apparently got lost somewhere in between the ranch and Jericho. Jake figures that it was Team Ravenwood, and Stanley asks what they want. Jake peers out through the window and grunts, "Everything." Hee.

Credit. The post of the week comes from ImprobableSage: "It's always a sign when I start rooting for the bad guys. Come on, Cesium-137!"

Sheriff's office. Do you think that it might be time to appoint a new sheriff? Although I guess that the choices are Good Cop and Bad Cop, so maybe that's why they haven't bothered. Jake is describing Ravenwood to the usual gang of idiots: "It's a private security firm. They hire thugs and Army dropouts, give 'em big guns, and send 'em out to play soldier." He explains that they were working for FEMA, adding, "Now they're in business for themselves." There's no actual evidence for that, but don't mind me. Eric chimes in: "They stripped the town of all their supplies, they killed police and civilians." What? When did they kill police? What are they talking about? Hawkins says that they should "fortify [their] borders at the most vulnerable points." Gray announces that he's already created checkpoints on a couple of the roads leading to Jericho. Eric's a little vexed by that. Jake says that Team Ravenwood will probably come in via the Tacoma bridge, and suggests blocking it. Stanley points out that he and thirty other families live on the other side of the bridge. Jake says that they'll all have to come into town, then. Stanley harrumphs, "You want me to abandon my farm?" Eric says that it'll just be till the soldiers go away, and tells the cops to start collecting ammo from the townsfolk. Gray says that he's got explosives, which is a strange thing to mention at this point, when they're just planning to block the bridge, not blow it up. Unless he thinks the large boxes of explosives would be a good material for a barricade. I wouldn't put that past these people.

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