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Deathstalker And The Warriors From Hell

Heather pours herself a much larger shot of Scotch than she's given Emily, and they both throw their drinks back. They're all giggly and wobbly now. Heather wanders over to Kenchy and says, "Keep my friend company till I get back, and there's a shot in it for you." Kenchy is happy to oblige, and moves closer as Emily pours him a drink. He asks Emily if it's her birthday, and she says no. "To privacy then," Kenchy says, which is a nicer way of saying, "Whatever," and they drink. She finally gets around to asking what it's like outside Jericho. Kenchy says, "Poverty, murder, disease. So Kansas is pretty much the same as always." He apologizes for being a downer, and says he's drunk and hasn't slept in weeks. "Me too," Emily sighs, which is a lie, because I'm pretty sure she was asleep when she was having that dream in the teaser.

Eric enters the Sheriff's office just in time to hear Bad Cop telling Gray that "the last box just went out on the truck." Eric is Not Pleased. He checks out the empty gun locker, while Gray explains that they've all agreed to blow up the bridge. When Eric presses for names, Gray says, "Robert Hawkins, the deputies, and your brother." D'oh.

Casa Green. Eric marches in and is headed for the stairs when Mom catches him. She growls, "April told me." Eric starts to explain, but Mom's having none of it: "You're the one who chose not to work on your marriage! You're the one who chose to cheat on your wife!" Eric whimpers that he was trying to do the right thing. They're interrupted when Dad appears on the stairs in his robe, asking what's going on. Eric explains that Team Ravenwood is on the way, and that he thinks they can hold the bridge, but other people want to blow it up. Dad figures that this has to be Gray's idea. Eric nods, and I know he wasn't there when it happened, but it was actually Jake's idea. Dad tells Eric, "Get your brother and stop 'em." Which gives Eric a good excuse to mention that Jake's down with the plan. Dad takes that in and finally says, "Then you stop 'em. Whatever it takes, you stop 'em." Eric murmurs uncertainly, and Dad repeats, "Whatever. It. Takes." What if it takes Eric shooting everyone? I mean, I don't think that should be the first step, but you need to be careful when you say "Whatever it takes."

Below the bridge, guys in the rowboat are still strapping barrels to the support pillars.

Up on top, Gray's shouting encouragement as a small crowd of refugees hurries across the bridge toward town. Eric walks up to some dude and asks to borrow the guy's truck. The guy hands over his keys while Gray bellows in the background.

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