Heart Of Winter

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Jake Frost Nipping At Your Nose

Jake shivers and groans with cold. Stanley brings over a small handful of straw and...puts it under his HEAD? Why doesn't he cover Jake with the straw? Who cares if he has a pillow? Oh, Stanley, you are so, so simple. Stanley tells Jake encouraging things, like how they've been through worse. There was this one time when two of them got stuck on the roof of the town hall in the middle of lightning storm. They were afraid the lightning was going to set off their fireworks, and there's some contention over which one of them screamed like a little girl in wanting to get off the roof. I vote for Stanley. I don't know why. Jake strikes me as the quietly-wetting-his-pants type. Stanley offers Jake some water, but discovers that it's frozen right through. Wouldn't Stanley have noticed that it was solidifying? Wouldn't Stanley's body heat have kept it from freezing? No, no, no! Of course not, because Stanley's a zombie, and zombies have NO BODY HEAT! Jake tries to send Stanley to an abandoned cabin he saw up the road, but Stanley refuses to leave him and even lays his vest across Jake's chest. He likes his brains warm. They argue whether or not Mimi's going to make it back, but Stanley says, "Mimi's strong -- she'll find her way." Why aren't they huddling together for body heat?

Mimi's jogging down a road. She stops at a T intersection and looks around. She repeats Stanley's directions and remembers that she's supposed to look for a sign. Mimi moans and sees a fallen Jericho directional sign. Yeah, well, didn't they do that to keep Ravenwood and other people from finding them? "Oh, GOD, I hate this place!" Mimi bellows to the snowflakes. Heh. Mimi looks both ways and starts jogging again.

Night has fallen, and still the boys do not huddle. Didn't they see The Voyage Of The Mimi? Capt. Granville got hypothermia and two of the crew had to strip and keep him warm. Ben Affleck played the captain's son. Far from huddling, Stanley's off examining his hands for hangnails or something. He calls back to Jake, but Jake is unresponsive. Stanley hops over to him, makes him sit up, and tells him to start talking. Jake shivers that he's sorry for leaving the way he did five years ago. Stanley tells him that it doesn't matter. "I was gonna call," Jake breathes, and mutters that they never got to go backpacking in Costa Rica together. No, Jake just went to South and Central America for other reasons. Stanley promises that they're going to go and learn how to surf and sleep on the beach, just as soon as the planes are "up and running again." By way of keeping Jake awake, Stanley wants to know what Jake's been up to for the past five years. He asks about San Diego: "How was it?" "Warm," Jake shivers. Stanley laughs, "Beaches, blondes, huh?" Jake pops his eyes open with difficulty and tells Stanley that he was flying planes. "Really? That's cool, man, your grandfather would have been psyched, huh?" Stanley says, talking to Jake like he's eight. Stanley wants to know if Jake had a girl in San Diego. "She's dead," Jake shivers. Stanley's momentarily confused, and tells Jake that he can't know that: "It all depends where she was when the bombs went off, right? I mean, she could have made it, right?" Jake insists, "She's dead. It was my fault." Jake wants to lie down and die, but Stanley won't let him, and rocks him back and forth. Okay, so they're sort of huddling now.

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