Heart Of Winter

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Jake Frost Nipping At Your Nose

Hawkins house. Hawkins tells Darcy that they're leaving the next morning; he doesn't know where to yet. Darcy doesn't like this. I wouldn't like it either; that is one nice house. I'm telling you, for a big kitchen, I'll take a little fallout. Hawkins reminds Darcy that when he came to get them in D.C., he told her it wasn't safe there, but that he couldn't tell her why. Sarah appears in the doorway and says that she's going for a walk. Hawkins nods. Sarah leaves. Hawkins tells Darcy that he has something people want, and that they'll stop at nothing to get it. It's putting Darcy and the kids in danger. Darcy agrees, uncertainly, "Okay, so, then we go." As Darcy says, "I trust you," we see Sarah taking her walk. She walks up to someone. Darcy asks if Hawkins trusts her. Before Hawkins answers, we're back with Sarah and the hunter. The hunter growls, "You're late." "You're impatient," Sarah retorts. Back at the house, Hawkins says, "Yes." "Okay, then listen to me," Darcy tells him. "Sarah is not on our side. Now, whatever's gone on between the two of you, I'm telling you, she's not here to help us." Sarah and the hunter face each other. The hunter says that Hawkins is starting to put the pieces together, and that they need to locate the package. "We've already eliminated the other three targets -- why are you stalling on this one?" the hunter asks. Sarah punches the hunter in the throat, turns him around, slams him to the ground, and snaps his neck. The body drops. "Because this one is different," Sarah hisses. I love it when people talk to dead bodies. It's so dramatic. What is she going to do with the body? Maybe she'll present it to Hawkins as proof that she's on his side.

Next week: the Marines come in and restore power, hurrah! Then they turn bad and the lights go off again, boo!

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