Heart Of Winter

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Jake Frost Nipping At Your Nose

The hunting party stops suddenly when they see a pack of dogs rooting around debris. Dude, are they eating bodies? Probably not at this family hour. The hunting party walks closer, and Mimi observes, "These dogs have tags." That poses an interesting question: would a pet dog ever eat his owner if his survival instincts kicked in and his owner was already dead? I'm not even going to get into the "Would owners eat their pets?" question because I just can't go there. Looking past the dogs, we can see spreads of more debris reaching across the plain. Jake snatches up a plastic bag and reads, "Wall Drugs, Wall, South Dakota." Jake, honey, it's Wall Drug. No plural. Mimi wonders if that's where all the people were coming from. "Think about it," Jake says, as Mimi wanders off. "South Dakota without heat or electricity or food being trucked in." "It's gotta be even worse in North Dakota or Montana," says Stanley, irritatingly leaving off Minnesota, which would actually have the coldest temps in the U.S. I wonder how many would decide that going to Canada was a better idea. I mean, I know it's colder, but assuming that Canada didn't get bombed -- and we've seen nothing to date that names any part of Canada as a hit -- wouldn't Canada be able to help? ["Eyes on your own maple syrup, America! Also, not all of Canada is cold; Vancouver barely even gets any snow." -- Wing Chun] Would it have been affected by the Don't Mention the EMP? Would Alaska? Hawaii? Shouldn't Hawaii be flying supplies in to the rest of the country? Mimi carefully walks up to a mound of clothes and, suddenly realizing what it is, removes her hat, grabs her forehead and breathes, "Oh, my god." Jake and Stanley walk up and pull back the tarp to uncover a dead woman. Jake says, "I read about this at Black Jack -- mass migrations. Hundreds, thousands of people heading south. Trying to outrun winter." Mimi, still very shaken, asks if they should be doing that, too. The camera pulls up and back to reveal a present-day Trail of Tears. Bodies are everywhere. Hey, forget the Mystical Black Man -- what about finding some Mystical Native Americans? If anyone in this country has the history and resources to know how to survive without electricity even in the most extreme weather, it would be them.

Tonight's Morse code message is, "Hey, Dumb-Ass, didn't your mother ever tell you to wear a hat?"

After the commercial break, Stanley is pacing something out. "How far is it?" Jake yells annoyingly. Dude, only when the guy has stopped pacing and counting should you ask. Otherwise, you're going to interrupt his train of thought and -- remember, we are talking about Stanley here -- he'll forget where he was. Stanley stops counting and turns to announce that it's about sixty yards. Mimi does some quick calculations and determines, "That's almost a hundred people just across." Jake adds, "The way the ground is trampled, you gotta figure five or ten times that amount [sic] of people came through here." It would be thousands of people heading south to Texas and Mexico. Stanley notes that it would take weeks to get there: "Mexico's borders could be closed." Wouldn't that be ironic. Mimi points out that they don't even know if there is a Mexico anymore. Stanley suggests catching up with them, but Jake says that, since they barely have enough resources for their own town, they can't be taking on more ballast.

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