Heart Of Winter

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Jake Frost Nipping At Your Nose

Jericho. Emily poutingly enters the holding area for the refugees and looks around. She spots Roger and nods at him. He excuses himself from the skinny blonde lass he's talking to, and walks over to his fiancée. He takes a clipboard from someone and tells Emily confusingly that he came down "early...late, I guess." He didn't want to wake Emily because she looked so peaceful. "Peaceful? Really?" Emily snorts, reminding him that her life is NOT easy. Roger starts to ask if Emily had another one of "those bad dreams," but doesn't wait for an answer as he directs someone to put down a box. For his part, all Roger could do was think of the refugees, and then he remembered the clothes in their attic. "I thought that sweater looked familiar," Emily says, nodding over at someone with a forced laugh. Roger explains that the woman in Emily's sweater was on a layover in Kansas City when the bombs went off; her husband and two kids were in Denver. Roger explains that since he led these people to Jericho, it's now up to him to make sure they are taken care of. Emily asks what she can do to help. "Talk to them. Follow your instincts," Roger tells her, backing away. "The truth is, I'm winging this myself." Emily looks sort of annoyed as she surveys the refugees.

Hawkins House. Sarah and Hawkins still haven't quite gotten their trip underway. Darcy appears in the kitchen with her arms crossed. Sarah goes to wait outside. Hawkins tells Darcy that he should be back before dark. Darcy wonders at what point she should start to worry. Not answering, Hawkins tells her that this is the last time, and that after today, he's back for good. Hawkins leaves. I like how Hawkins had the foresight to bring a few African tribal masks to hang tastefully on the walls.

Greenhouse. Dad returns home and tells Mom how ineffectual a hunter he is, and that Jake is now out on the hunt. Mom and Dad discuss the cold house, and that April's at the clinic, but that she promised Mom she'd take a nap. That right there? That nap thing? Would totally be meaningless if April wasn't pregnant, but since she is, we can now rest assured that something's going to go wrong with the baby, and that we're going to be dealing with an emergency situation. I welcome that, because maybe it means we'll see Aasif again. "Feels like a storm's coming in," Mom predicts. Dad thinks they need to seal up the doors and windows. Mom's been collecting old sheets and linens to do just that. Haven't any of them heard of weather stripping or nailing plastic over the windows? It also seems like it would be a good idea to close off most of the house to keep the heat in a smaller area. Mom then drags a bottle of bourbon off a table and says, "Look what I found hidden in Jake's closet." Mom and Dad laugh fondly at their son's underage drinking. "At least he was drinking the good stuff," Dad says, examining the label. "I used to hide the most awful rotgut in the world behind my mother's china cabinet." Mom and Dad get thoughtful for a moment and wonder, "What do you think?" "On an empty stomach?" "I'll get the glasses." Dad chuckles and unscrews the cap to get a whiff of the bourbon.

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