Heart Of Winter

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Sarah and Hawkins have a back-and-forth about too much domestic bliss softening Hawkins. "Not bliss," Hawkins corrects. He is then distracted as the drive boots up on his Samsonite laptop. He opens a directory, and we see eight files with names: Hawkins, Mason, Chavez, Woodworth, Cheung, Miller, Ritts, and Pierce. Woodworth, Pierce, and Ritts are tagged as "Terminated," and the other five are "Whereabouts unknown." That's just bullshit. If this is the Old Man's stuff, he knows where Hawkins is because he Google Earthed him. Unless it wasn't the Old Man who Google Earthed him, and instead was his FBI cohorts. Or it's the FBI who knows where Hawkins is, and not the militia folks. Dammit, if this show gets cancelled, they had better give us some explanations. Which one of those people is Sarah, do you think? Oh, IMDb and CBS's dossier on her have her as "Sarah Mason."

Refugee Refuge. Emily gives people water, and one guy -- apropos of absolutely nothing -- says, "Karaoke bullfighter, right?" Emily and the rest of us are, "Excuse me?" "At that bar in Barcelona, you decked a bullfighter who tried to get you to stop singing that song...?" Random Refugee goes on. No "Hey, you're Emily, right?" Just a leap right into some of her personal history. Creepy. However, given that Emily was singing "Stairway to Heaven," I think I'm on the bullfighter's side. Emily asks if Roger told him that, and then smiles in the direction of her fiancé. "He also mentioned that you like Oreo ice cream and white daisies," Random Refugee details, adding that she shouldn't be mad at Roger because he was trying to keep the troops entertained. Yeah, Roger's a regular Marlene Dietrich. "He kept talking and somehow...we kept moving," Random Refugee concludes. Great, with the white lights and the Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt type of thing, we've got the makings of a good ol' Branch Rogerian. Emily walks over to where Roger is playing Scrabble and calculating what a word is worth. That word? "Testify." Yep, we're gettin' some religion in Jericho. Now if we learn that Roger led his refugees across a river of stopped water, we KNOW they are planning on conquering the town and are probably hiding trumpets under their beds. Roger asks Emily what's up. "I'm a little tired," she tells him. "I'm going to head home and get cleaned up." SHE'S tired? Isn't she the one who slept in? Roger thinks he's going to stay there a little longer, if she doesn't mind. Emily's face clearly states that she does mind, but her mouth says, "Yeah, yeah, of course." Emily tells Roger that she'll see him when she sees him, and walks off. She looks back once to see Roger already engaged in another Scrabble game.

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