Heart Of Winter

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Jake Frost Nipping At Your Nose

Mom and Dad get drunk. They toast Jake, and Mom observes, "Who would've known six months ago that you'd be toasting him." Dad agrees, "Well, God knows Eric wouldn't have hidden the bottle." No, Eric's would have been a bottle of mother's milk. Sitting on Dad's lap -- she's now contemplating smothering him -- Mom laughs and says that Dad and Jake always had more in common than Dad wanted to admit. Dad reminisces about his hunting trips with Jake. Jake could sit in a deer stand for hours and they wouldn't even say a word to each other. That's bonding. Dad worries that Jake will forget the good times they had together -- that he'll forget they were once "buddies." Mom assures Dad that Jake remembers, deep down. The wind whistles through the cracks of the house, and Mom says she hopes Stanley and Jake are okay. She doesn't say anything about Mimi, so we know she hopes Mimi's dead.

Mimi's the first member of the hunting party to come to. She calls out to Stanley -- quietly at first, then loud and panicky. Dragging herself out, Mimi sees Jake flung outside the truck, but pinned. His temple is bloody. Mimi shouts his name. Jake's eyes flick open and he looks around: "What happened?" Instead of answering, Mimi tells him that Stanley's not moving. "What?!" Jake breathes, sitting up way too suddenly for someone who was just tossed on his head. Mimi helps him to sit up, and they look over the wreck of the good white truck to see the evil black truck returning. Jake gasps at Mimi to hide. Mimi doesn't want to leave Stanley, but Jake bellows at her, so she does a crouch-run to some brush. Jake has the foresight to fling a few bottles of water and a flashlight after her. Mimi could have grabbed far more than that. As Jake scrabbles to reach his gun, which is just out of his reach, we can see that the evil black truck has stopped some distance off, and that four men in black ski masks are standing next to it. Evil black ski masks. Jake strains for his gun. The evil ski masks walk toward the wrecked truck. Jake strains us right into commercial break, during which time, I'm very afraid he's going to get a hernia.

Even after the commercials, Jake is still straining. The evil ski masks are still walking. Jake gives up and plays dead. The evil ski masks root around the truck, turn Jake over, kick at Stanley, and loot all their stuff. After all that straining, how did Jake manage to calm his breathing sufficiently that he wasn't heaving his chest, which would have given him away? The men appear to take everything -- water, hunting packs, the jackets right off of the two guys, and Jake's lighter. Furthermore, I think they also took their gloves, because Stanley was definitely wearing them when they found the Trail of Tears. However, Jake still has one glove on. Hey, here's a question -- what's with all those plastic gas containers? I thought they only had half a tank, which, I'm assuming, was IN the tank. They wouldn't have been stupid enough to bring empties, would they? God, they would, wouldn't they? The evil ski masks take off, and Jake bellows for Mimi. She crouches next to him and tells him to help her with Stanley. Jake smacks the side of the truck and says he can't move. He flops back onto the ground.

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