Heart Of Winter

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Jake Frost Nipping At Your Nose

"Ritts, Woodworth, Pierce -- that's half the team," says Sarah. "We're being hunted." They look at satellite photos of a car exploding. "It's worse than that," says Hawkins, clicking to another image of some dead bodies. "That's Woodworth and his wife. They were in Richmond. That's his daughter. Anyone close to us is in danger, too." The "Mystery Woman" thing on CBS's Jericho site had Sarah saying she was heading to Richmond when the bombs went off. I think she's one of the hunters. Sarah tells Hawkins not to worry about his family: "It's just us, Chavez, and Cheung left." Sarah says, "We'll get back out on the field, stay in the weeds until we can connect with the chief." Great. Now's there's a "Chief." Looking at another image, Hawkins isolates a shadowy figure by the house and zooms in on it. It's some bald guy -- probably the guy watching and listening from outside -- that Hawkins doesn't appear to recognize. Sure enough, we get a look outside, and it's the same guy.

Mimi tends to Stanley, who is finally waking up. He gets to his feet, but as soon as he puts weight on one of his legs, he bellows about busting his ankle. Stanley hops over to Jake, who says, "I'm okay, I'm just stuck." I really don't see how he can be okay with a truck on his leg. I mean, the only way his leg isn't crushed is if it's in a perfect indentation in the ground, which then rises to an exact height on either side of the leg so that the truck is resting on the raised ground but not the leg. That's a whole pile of serendipity. Stanley makes to lift the truck, but Mimi stops him, insisting that they can't do it themselves, and that it might make things worse. Jake suggests that they dig him out. Simple Stanley says, "Help me get the shovels, they're in the bed of the truck." Stanley? Your truck is upside down. Anything in the bed of the truck would be on the ground. Do you see anything on the ground? Someone needs to teach Stanley about gravity. "Uh, it's gone," Mimi breaks it to him. "All right, get the jack -- the jack's back there," Stanley decides. Stanley has a concussion. "They took everything," Mimi practically whispers.

Dovecote. Emily's in a loosely tied bathrobe -- which, COLD -- poring over some photos of her and Roger. There's one of her at the Grand Canyon, one of Roger in San Francisco, something dark that looks like Vegas, and another of Times Square. Who takes only one photograph per trip? Roger walks in and asks how her bath was. "Lukewarm," Emily says ruefully. "Then lukecold, and then pretty much icy." Emily and Roger laugh over their hangover from the Times Square photo. Then Emily gets serious and asks if Roger remembers the last thing she said to him before he went to Chicago. "That I was selfish and didn't listen -- something like that?" Roger grins. Emily tells him, "You have no idea how that ate at me while you were gone. I just kept thinking that was the last thing you were gonna--" "You were right," Roger interrupts. Emily says that when she saw Roger with "those people," it was like he had found himself. Roger sighs that he's still just trying to figure it out. Emily sniffs that they aren't those people in the photographs anymore. Roger agrees, but says that he still loves her; that hasn't changed. Emily stares at him, but she doesn't tell him she loves him back; she just strokes his hair.

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