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Jake Goetz Mad

Jake finally bursts into Kenchy's room and finds Goetz on his way out. "He's all yours," Goetz smiles. Kenchy bites his hand. (His own hand, not Goetz's, which would probably taste of burning.) "What did you do?" Jake demands. "A little Q&A -- a little corporate security," says Goetz, leaving. "He's tougher than he looks." Way tougher, since I don't see any blood or bruises. Jake demands to know what Kenchy told Goetz. "I didn't know what else to DOOOOO!" Kenchy wails. "What did you tell him?!" Jake repeats. "The vaccines! The warehouse!" Kenchy bawls. Jake dashes away. Kenchy drops his head in his hand.

Warehouse. Frodale transfers vaccines. He and Emily hear a noise and get all ready. Emily even pulls her gun out. Jake runs in, and Emily bursts out, "Jake!" Jake shushes her and tells Frodale to leave everything and get out. Emily protests that they have one more truck to load. Jake: "Look, there's no time -- go!" Emily argues that they will lose the needed vaccines if they leave them. Jake gears up his face to retort, but he's stopped by the sound of squealing wheels outside. He softly tells Emily and Frodale to go. Emily slings a cooler over her shoulder.

The J&R guys bust in with flashlights and start gun-skulking around. You know, the whole crouching and stopping and posing and freezing -- all with their guns out -- thing. Gun-skulking.

Not leaving, Frodale continues to load up on vaccines. Jake's face does backflips as he concentrates on manning his post at the door. He cocks his gun and whispers to Frodale and another guy to get the stuff out to the truck and that he'll buy them some time. He also tells them not to make a sound, Frodale. Frodale orders the other guy -- one of his road gang posse, obviously -- to go with Jake. Jake rejects this and says that they can't fight it out: "[Frodale], don't wait on me." Jake exhales loudly and proceeds to do some gun-skulking of his own.

Outside Beck's office, Hawkins paces. Inside Beck's office, Valente's Dr. Evil face asks whether Beck is contacting him because he's accomplished his mission. Beck hasn't, but he's hopeful that in a few weeks-- Valente interrupts him and says that he doesn't want to hear about hope. He wants to hear about death. "If you have questions, ask them," Valente orders. Beck asks if there's any possibility that Sarah Mason ever worked for the government. "No, she hasn't," Valente responds without hesitation. "You know everything you need to know in order to apprehend this terrorist, Major. I'm tired of your delays. I'm tired of your failures. Next time you contact me, I want to hear that Sarah Mason has been located and eliminated. Is that clear?" Crystal. Valente shuts off the TV. Beck stands in his office, conflicted. Hawkins continues to pace outside. He glances down and spies a sheet of paper with lots of numbers on it. He picks it up and quickly folds it away in his pocket as Beck comes out. "Mr. Hawkins" is all Beck says.

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