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Jake Goetz Mad

More fun gun-skulking in the warehouse.

Frodale loads more vaccines but is an idiot and drops a case of them. Not only does he make a loud noise that announces their presence to Goetz's Goons, but from the sound of it, he broke a bunch of them too. What a Daledo.

Goetz moves in, and there's just so much darkness around tall stacks of Pallets Of Grave Bodily Injury that I sort of expect the Charmed Ones to show up and start flinging Hands of Discontent and Fun Bags of Demian's Nightmares all over the place.

Hawkins asks what Beck's boss said. Beck doesn't say anything at first, but when he does, he changes the subject: "I accept your offer to assist in the search for Sarah Mason, for now." Hawkins nods, "Okay," and sticks out his hand. They shake. "And no politics," Hawkins instructs, turning away. Beck hisses, "Mr. Hawkins, she still has the bomb." "I know," Hawkins says, subdued. He leaves, saying that he'll be in touch.

Warehouse. Skulking. Guns. Jake. Goetz. Goons. Finally, Jake steps out behind Goetz, his gun pointed at him. Goetz whirls around, his gun likewise so pointed. Goetz snarks that they have to quit meeting like this, and asks whether he happens to know anything about stolen vaccines in the warehouse. "I CHECKED! IT'S CLEAR! PUT IT DOWN!" Jake yells in tones louder than their proximity would deem necessary. "I'm sure it is," Goetz says smoothly as his Goons move in. Goetz lowers his gun and encourages Jake to play ball. Yeah, evil ball. Jake continues to play dumb. Goetz raises his gun and yells at his Goons to get on the horn to J&R. They wait. The Goon comes back and says that the vaccines have been located. In Cheyenne. Goetz is all in a twitter: "What?" The office at J&R has confirmed the arrival and destruction of the vaccine. "How?!" Goetz demands, seeking comfort in single-syllables. The Goon doesn't know: "But the books are saying that the load is accounted for." Well, if the books are saying it! Jake holsters his gun and sneaks out a sneer at Goetz. Goetz and his Goons head out, but not before Goetz stops to give Jake A Look.

Richmond Farm. Bonnie and Mimi sit on the porch and talk about farm stuff. Bonnie says that after stuff is taken care of, she'll head off to Cheyenne with Trish for a week or two to check things out. Mimi gazes at Bonnie and tells her she thinks it's a really good idea. "Maybe you can give me some pointers on how to take care of Stanley," Mimi adds. "I'll make a list," Bonnie says, raising her eyebrows. It's like he's a pet: the care and feeding of Stanley Richmond. Don't feed him more than once a day, give him a tablespoon of cod liver oil every night to make his coat nice and shiny, and don't give him fizzy drinks before bed, it just riles him up. "And I'll follow it to the letter," Mimi promises. Bonnie nods, her eyes shining with tears. Mimi fixes her with an affectionate look and signs, "Don't worry, I'll take care of Stanley." Okay, so the sign language for "Stanley" appears to be scratching one's cheek. That's rather appropriate. Mimi puts her arm around Bonnie. Bonnie puts her head on Mimi's shoulder.

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