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Hawkins's Happy Hunting Hut. Unfolding the paper with numbers on it, Hawkins tells Darcy that he got it from Beck's fax. Darcy recognizes it and says that papers just like it have been coming through for days, but that she's been throwing them all away. That's what she was supposed to do, Hawkins explains; the numbers mean nothing to anyone else aside from Hawkins's team. If there was no other way to reach each other, the members of his team devised this way of contacting one another out in the open. Good thing Charlie didn't see the paper in Beck's office, because he'd have looked at it and instantly spouted, "Ooh, I can tell by this code that they're planning an assassination." Darcy wonders if it's Chavez, but Hawkins says that Chavez would just call. Darcy suggests Cheung. Circling stuff on the paper and writing numbers, Hawkins shakes his head: "I don't know, maybe." He picks up his cell phone -- is it the "clean" one Chavez gave him? -- and says, "Let's find out." He dials. Then he pauses and takes a deep breath. "What?" Darcy asks. Hawkins lets out another breath and smiles, shaking off his trepidation before hitting "send." The person on the other line answers, "You found my message in a bottle." Do you think this guy always answers the phone that way? I mean, yes, we can assume he has a dedicated line, but even on dedicated lines, you get a wrong number every so often. You get robo-calls or Stevie Wonder singing "I just called to say Obama." It's not like his caller ID would have said, "Robert Hawkins is calling you," because even if Hawkins isn't using Chavez's "clean" phone, he sure as hell wouldn't use a phone that had his real name attached to it. And it's a cell phone, so there's no Jericho, Kansas area code and exchange attached to the number. I think I'm going to start answering my phone "You found my message in a bottle" just to see what happens. At the very least, it might scare off the pollsters. Hawkins stands up and asks, "Who is this?" The voice says, "I can't talk now, but I know who you are, I know what you're trying to do, and I want to help." The line goes dead. Hawkins hangs up and looks confused. Okay, if Hawkins is confused, Jericho needs to be shitting bricks.

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